Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.05.08 at 13:33 hrs

Weekly Report No 395, CW 21

From Monday, 19.05.2008 to Sunday 25.05.2008
The European Soccer Champoinship is slowly closing in and some of my coworkers just can't wait for the games to begin. Many projects are under way on the layout and of course alomost all of them have to do with the Championship :-)
Heiko prepared the new DVDs for shipping

Since our office normally doesn't show up in the weekly report, we change that for this week. Since last week, our colleagues are busy shipping our new DVD 'Kleine Welt - Ganz groß' (Small world - very big). Pretty tough having to envelope so many DVDs - right Heiko?

Fan area for the Swiss section

The preparations for the soccer championships are on full blaze not only in the real world but also in the Miniatur Wunderland. More and more small and large areas are finished by our model builders or…

Judith, Daniel, and Sönke at the layout fascia

… it is discussed where some more event areas for the championship could be build Not only large ones, though, but also…

Cars with flags

...really tiny details are currently built in by the model builders. Here, for example, we have some flags on the cars - scenario many of your certainly memorize from the last World Soccer Championship. A really nice puzzle!

What's this guy doing there?

First, the mini painter paints the wall white and now he stares at it as if something would have to happen. Curious, isn't it?

Nudes on the glacier

Last week they weren't very well recognizable but in the meantime, Bobby positioned the figures in their final location. Could it be healthy to run about like this? We'll see next week! :-)

Protecting wall for the airport

Our airport area looks at a soon start. However, under restrictive conditions - for safety reasons we had to erect a protecting wall in order to keep the dirt away from the rest of the layout during the building phase. But don't worry, you can always watch the progress through the large windosw at any time, resp. enter the room through one of the two doors.

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