Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.05.08 at 13:01 hrs

Weekly Report 394, CW 20

From Monday, 12.05.2008 to Sunday 18.05.2008
Although the sun shines brigtly from the Hamburg skies, work continues on all the large and small projects in our workshops.
Maik's workplace

One of the large 'projects' is allways Maik's workplace. Compared to the pictures from the last reports one can definitely notice some progress. The chaos has lightened up a bit (or is it just vanished behind the cabinet doors?) ! :-))

EC fan feast for Hamburg

After the season's end of the Bundesliga soccer league 2007/2008, everybody prepares for the European Championships (EC) Just like we did for the World Championships, there will be a lot to watch on the layout during the EC. Currently, our model builders are remodelling the public viewing area in the Hamburg section and…

Sönke builds new flags for the EC

… build hundreds of flags which will later be installed throughout the layout.

Painting the mountains white

Why this coworker paints the rocks a white color coudn't be found out yet. Rumour has it that this action has something to do with the European Soccer Championships...

New streetlights for the Knuffingen highway

In spite of the EC other projects have to be finished. The highway in Knuffingen desperately needs new streetlamps and so Sascha builds a completely new rope system with lamps and such enables the CarSystem drivers a clear sight even at night.

Naked Preisers for the Wunderland

One has to look very closely at the fotos to see what Bobby has in work right now. In the next days,these little inhabitants will move to the Alps and replicate the prototype.In the next report we will be able to tell you more about this....

New  'building' in Hamburg

This new building will be seen more frequently in the layout from now on. This 'Ass de Triumph' - Arch, however, is just a whee a bit out of scale. Ok, seriously now: Wolfgang is still busy to change tracks in several parts of the layout. At roughly 12,000 meters ( 7.46 miles) of track he will be seen in this position more frequently ! :-)

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