Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.05.08 at 12:09 hrs

Weekly Report No 393, CW 19

From Monday, 05.04.2008 to Sunday 11.05.2008
Last week we had heavy-duty equipment parked at our door step - An exceptionally large part for the airport section had be moved into our rooms. The mean part was that this part could only be lifted into the building from the waterside of the warehouse. Therefore, we had to call on professionals since we don't have such heavy lifting equipment in 'our pocket'. :-)
220 Ton crane of Messrs. Knaack

Messrs. Knaack Krane were ready to help us with this project and sent on of their largest telescoping cranes. This monster ( 60 tons net weight) was positioned in our parking lot. (Please excuse the bad picture quality; they have been captured from a video)

220 Ton crane of Messrs. Knaack

We watched - fascinated by this monster - as the workers of Messrs. Knaack set up their crane. In addition, 70 tons of counterweights were attached to the crane to prevent tipping it over.

The part is heaved over the roof

After roughly two hours of steup-time, our part was fastened to the hook and learned to fly. Cerrtainly not an easy job for the crane driver since he had to completely rely on the commands of the positioner.

Evening job

Within half an hour the job was done. The part was safely in our workshop and the crane could be dismantled. We once again thank Messers. Knaack for their support and look forward to the next 'heavy lift' over our roof.

A parking lot full of taxis

Last week we invited Hamburg's taxidrivers to explore our layout free of charge and after the regular hours. This was our way to say 'Thank you' for recommending the Miniatur Wunderland to their customers and thus make the Wunderland successful.

Axel layouts special pc-boards for the airport section

Every once in a while we are asked how far we got with the ship control. Currently there's not much to report about this since right now Axel and Sascha have to take care of more important and special solutions for the airport section. We will need several new controlling features like the one Axel is just working on: Airplane control.

Stepper-motor control for the airport section

Another special which Sascha is working on, is a stepper-motor control for the airport section. Unfortunately we cannot use any standard control since the stepper-motors are directly driven by Gerrit's light control units. The two (Sascha and Axel) will participate in many more projects for airport and so the ship control will have to wait another round...

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