Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.05.08 at 12:21 hrs

Weekly Report No 392, CW 18

From Monday, 28.04.2008 to Sunday 04.05.2008
A long weekend has passed and so it is time for a new report:
Baseplate for the new allotment gardens

The complete layout is still refined and some parts are under repair. Last week it was time for the old allotment gardens in the Hamburg section. They were completely torn down and...

The new allotment gardens

... rebuilt. Some figures and details to bring the scenes to life, however, are still missing.

Plants in 1/87 scale

The flora and faune has already been completed, though.

A garden with a pool - how cool :-)

Even pools are allowed in these gardens - just the right thing at the current temperatures. This model may look familiar to you since we introduced it in report no. 389 when Bobby was just about to assemble it.

Strawberry booth in the Hamburg section

Just like this little strawberry booth which had to be illuminated by then. Now this booth found its final location right besides the allotment gardens but the little Preiser figures to complete the scene are still missing.

Hamburg Main Station

At the Hamburg Main Station also some progress was made. Our 'eternal' construction pit now has its two towers which we showed you in report 386.Now the model builders are working on more parts of the fassade and the roof. It'll be interesting to see if we can keep the deadline this year! :-)

Wolfgang exchanges trackwork inbetween two trains

A 'minor incident' had Wolfgang replace some tracks in the Hamburg section right under the more than interested looks of the visitors. The center contact of the tracks were so worn that no trains could enter Hamburg Main Station without a 'helper'.

Got a name for our pony farm?

Gaston built the pony farm in our new Kid's Corner and really appreciates proposals for a name for this farm. All children up to 10 years of age are invited to mail their proposals to info(at)

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