Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.04.08 at 12:24 hrs

Weekly Report No 391, CW 17

From Monday, 21.04.2008 to Sunday 27.04.2008
As already shown in the last report, the week starts again with a team briefing
Cabbage harvest in the Harz

More and more agricultural areas are developed in the Harz mountains. Not long ago, a cabbage field was created from which can be harvested right after the seeding ;-)

New themes in the Hamburg section

Last week this was a plain green lawn; now this area resembles more and more the heathland called 'Lueneburger Heide' south of the real Hamburg.

Model builders' conference in the Danmark section

Gerhard, Christian, and Bobby are seen here as they try to find some new ideas to brush up the Denamrk section a bit. Judging from their serious faces, this could be a somewhat difficult job. Which idea these three came up with will be revealed in the next report.

King Kong 'plays' in Las Vegas

A well known monster found its way to Vegas - King Kong disturbs the vacancy joy of the hotel guests a bit. Luckily Ann is with him and keeps him under control :-)

Something's missing in the US - sectiont

For a week now, an important detail is missing in the USA - section!

Sign at the empty model area

After 5 years of more or less constant running, the Space Shuttle and the launch pad will have to be completely overhauled.

The laumch pad gets fresh paint from Stefan

The complete technical equipment has already been overhauled and renewed by Stefan. Now the finishing touches are put on the optical appearence to make it look almost like the original.

Judith assembles the new Space Shuttle

Due to its long mission time the old Space Shuttle is retired. Judith finished building the new Shuttle last week.

The new Space Shuttle

The new Shuttle is ready to take off since last weekend and awaits its mission.

Klaus still  builds catenary

Klaus was already busy replacing the catenary in the Austrian Alps since last week. As you can see, there is still no end in sight for him...


This is a very delicate work requiring a VERY steady and calm hand.

 'Trainspotting' exhibition in the Museum for Work

From now on, one can see something completey different in the second floor close to the workshops. Here we...

Exhibition area in the 2nd floor

...set up a small special area devoted to smaller ehibits where currently we show a couple of pictures of the 'Trainspotting' exhibition. The complete exhibitions with very impressive fotos and pictures takes place at the Museum for Work in Hamburg - Barmbek. It is open until June 30, 2008. In future we will use this new area for other smaller exhibits.

'Trainspotting' fotos

We showcase some pictures of O. Winston Link, a very famous US photographer who made marvelleous fotos of the last steam engines way back in the 50's.

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