Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.04.08 at 12:36 hrs

Weekly Report No 390, CW 16

From Monday, 14.04.2008 to Sunday, 20.04.2008
All sections are buzzing with work; be it improvements, novelties, or just small details. But how does a working week in the Wunderland start?
Kenny and Patrick discuss the day's work schedule

Of course, there is always a small briefing at a week's start as seen here with Kenny and Patrick. They are, amongst other jobs, responsible for the pushbutton actions around the layout's fascia and discuss who is going to repair which action of the many that have been damaged over the weekend....

René back to basics :-)

When finally all briefings are over, it is back to work.If, however, one is too eager to work (like René in this picture), it could well happen that one has to pick up some 200 screws off the floor. That could definitely be embarassing....

Setup of mechanical components for the airport

…if you urgently have to complete a new mechanical component for the airport to enable further tests :-)

Klaus-Dieter overhauls the catenary in the Austrian Alps

Many improvements are also applied to the layout itself. Klaus-Dieter is seen here, as he overhauls …

New catenary for the Austrian Alps

…the complete catenary in the Austrian Alps. That means basically: He builds a complete new catenary!

New cabbage details in the Area 51

The USA section also sees some more detailing. Some funny details emerged right of somebody's mind and can be seen here; like these cabbage heads of a special kind,…

Aliens paint Area 51

…or the alien painter team,…

So this is how UFOs are built :-)

…or the new mechanics who work on a UFO of some other kind!

Hamburg is also improved

Currently you see a large green pasture in the Hamburg section. Here, we will have a heathland like the 'Lueneburger Heide' near the real Hamburg. Can't wait to see which ideas Bobby will come up with!

First Aid Backpack

The Miniature Wunderland stands for service and welfare for our visitors. At some 900,000 guests a year, First Aid is also in the top priority list. Last year we had about 100 small and heavy incidients to which our Wunderland Firts Aid team and our paramedic were called to help people. A large portion of these incidents are circulation problems which affect especially older people. This was the case in August 2007, when a guest in the shop area complained about indisposition. Our First Aid team was called in to help this guest. The team decided to take the visitor into our offices where it was a lot calmer and where he could recover. Unfortunately, the guest collapsed and had to be re-animated by our team and paramedic. Immediately the Hamburg Firefighters and Rescue were alarmed. They arrived a few moments later, took over the patiernt and drove him to the next hospital. There, the guest receovered very soon,so he could revisit us the last week to thank his "guardian angels". Thanks to the fast reaction and the right measure of our team, he can still enjoy his life without serious constraints. This is a big motivation for all of the team members to continue attending the regular seminars. Only those who know what has to be done in such a situation can really help and thus save lives! BTW :-) When was your last First Aid seminar???? For us, this visit was an extraordinary experience! We aslo would like to once again thank the Hamburg Firefighters for their fast help!

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