Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.04.08 at 12:36 hrs

Weekly Report No 389, CW 15

From Monday, 07.04.2008 to Sunday, 13.04.2008
Let's start into a new week which brings along mighty interesting details from last week :-))
Kenny repairs the 'Titlis' cabins

Last week we showed you the mechanical defects of the 'Titlis' funicular. Today, we'd like to show you that, if we do something, we do it thoroughly. Kenny is seen here, as he repairs the illumination of the cabins, and...

Daniel repairs the enginehouse

... Daniel takes care of the enginehouse.

Bobby builds more details for the layout

Not only repair works are carried out; there are also many new details coming up.

Swimming pool

Why Bobby currently builds a swimming pool - considering the bad weather outside - will remain his secret... But there are more details in the making...

More new details...

... of which we don't know yet what they will be for and where they will be placed. I guess, we will go hunting for them on the layout and let you know in the next reports where this or that detail found it's final location.

The new Kid's Corner

Section 5.5 is nearly completed now. For our new children's corner, a small diorama was built in week-long work,...

The smurfs in the Kid's Corner

featuring the smurfs in Frogtown,...

Farm in the Kid's Corner

…a small farm,…

Village for the Kid's Corner

…and a small village. The trains for this mini layout are not ready, so we will most probably introduce them in the next report.

New fast food restaurant for Hamburg

Now it is official: A new fast food restaurant owned by KFC was established right across the street from Hamburg Main Station. Just in case you want to pick up your meal: you have to come to the Wunderland to do so :-))

Repair work of Scandinavian water basin completed

For the first time after more than 2.5 years the water basin remained empty even during daytime. The repairs proved to be a little more complicated than anticipated. More on this can be seen on Miwula-TV in the course of this week.

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