Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

07.04.08 at 12:24 hrs

Weekly report no. 388, CW 14

From Monday, 31.03.2008 to Sunday, 06.04.2008
Report no. 388 and again exciting things happen in front of the layout and behind the scenes.
Electro locomotive GG-1 "Pennsylvania 4935"

Since last week, a new "heavyweight" baby showed up in the American section. Don't panic, we won't introduce every new train but this engine is somewhat special since it can only run on the electrified part of the american tracks. It is a Pennsylvania "GG-1". This engines was used to haul freight and passenger trains. Some units made it into the 70s' and were used in passenger service by AMTRAK. Our model is lettered and painted for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Daniel builds a new vessel for Hamburg

Daniel is seen here as he builds a new vessel for the Container Port in the Hamburg section.

Boiler house for Hamburg

This building also will be found in the Hamburg section. It is an old boiler house and looks abandoned. But maybe it has a function on the layout!?!? What exactly will happen is in the next report!

Base station of Titlis cable car in the shops

Due to a faulty bearing, the base station of the Titlis cable car had to be taken to the shops for repair.

Damaged pulleys of Titlis cable car

The pulleys for the cables are completely worn out after one year of running. They now have that much play that the cables cannot be tensioned properly.

New pulleys for Titlis cable car

Therefore, the complete base is replaced. What a difference if you look at these pulleys!

Scandinavian basin not leaking anymore

Last week we reported a leak in our Scandinavian basin and wanted to inform you about the repair works this week. Due to lack of time, we had to botch a bit in order to postpone the repairs...

Scandinavia basin

... since, if we have to empty the basin anyway, we can take care of a couple more repairs. The basin will be emptied in the evening of April 8, 2008 and will most probably stay dry on April 9, 2008. After 2.5 years of operation, this would be the first time, the basin would stay dry for longer than one night.

Kid's Corner

To finish this report, we have some pictures from the Kid's Corner,...

Kid's Corner

... where Gaston set up the scenario areas in the meantime.

Kid's Corner

With just a fewe details missing, the scenery around the scenario areas is also nearly completed. Let's see when we can open 'Section 5.5' for operation. ;-)

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