Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

31.03.08 at 11:51 hrs

Weekly report no. 387, CW 13

From Monday, 24.03.2008 to Sunday, 30.03.2008
During the Easter holidays - and the overwhelming visitor numbers during these days - the various workshops were kept busy working on new models. However, a small emergency cast a shadow over the good mood. But see for yourself:
New Fastfood Restaurant

Another model is being built after an existing prototype. This new fastfood restaurant is destined for the Hamburg section.

Interior of restaurant

The interior is also copied from the original.

New billboard for America section

The American section still needs more details. So Holger has a new billboard with a very wise saying on his table. He illuminates the sign so everybody can see it at night time.

Lots of optik fibers

Viewed from the rear, this building looks somewhat peculiar, but...

Lighted wall for America

... the front view reveals a new illuminated wall for a casino in Las Vegas. Quite elaborate what the colleagues in the shops are building.

'Octopussy' ride for the fun fair

Progress is also made as far as the rides for the fun fair are concerned.The 'Octopussy' is completed now and will start test runs in the next days.

The large basin has a leak

And now for the bad news:
Since nearly three years the water basin in the Scandinavian section is up and running and barely produced any problems.Last week, it happened: "We have a leak!!!", it sounded through the Wunderland.Rene was promptly on the spot and...

The large basin has a small leak

... checked wether or not we had to empty the basin. After a short time it was clear that we only had a very small leak in of the sealings.Now the night shift will have to empty the basin and replace the sealing. That's a story for the next report...

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