Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.03.08 at 13:35 hrs

Weekly report no. 386, CW 12

From Monday, 17.03.2008 to Sunday, 23.03.2008
The egg-hunt is over and now it is time for a new weekly report.:
Playground at the camp site

In the last reports we pointed out re-modelling projects from time to time. Here is another scenario that underwent some changes for the better during the last couple of weeks. The camping area in the Harz section is now a lot more family-friendly, featuring playgrounds,...

New camp ground in the Harz mountains

...more space,....

Campground beach

... a brandnew sandy beach,...

Camp sites

... and newly developed camp sites...

Camp sites

... with lots of space for small and grown-up campers..

Lifeguard's tower

Here we also find the lifeguard tower mentioned in report no 380. Sorry: no "Baywatch" theme! Now the guys of the German Life Savers Association (DLRG) can oversee the complete beach.

Axel repairs cars

After a long Easter weekend with heavy traffic, repairs are on top of the priority list. Here we see Axel repairing a Greyhound bus with a broken rear axle.

Gerhard searches his stuff

Is Gerhard still on the egg hunt? Nope, he unpacks new parts for the Austrian Alps because...

New catenary

...the complete overhead catenary has to be replaced in this section. In the course of this task, the german masts will also be replaced with their proper austrian counterparts.

New towers for Hamburg Main Station

Another - more or less "eternal" project - is the Hamburg Main station. It also received some attention by building the towers for the concourse hall.

Gerrit and Sven planning the terminals

There is also some activity in the airport section. Gerrit and Sven are seen here how they discuss the design of the terminal areas - and how Sven can build them later on.

Sign in restrooms

A small anecdote from the sanitary area and a hint on how to express yourself correctly. I wonder if this sign should point out something else ? :-) It says: 'Please leave the toilet in clean condition! Thank you!'

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