Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.03.08 at 14:38 hrs

Weekly Report No. 384, CW 10

From Monday, 03.03.2008 to Sunday, 09.03.2008
This week we will show you some pictures from our research and development department..

The complete ship control is currently put through it's paces under laboratoy conditions before it will be used under real conditions in the Scandivian section. Some of our guys will have to take a couple of swimming lessons though; in order to capture stray ships :-)

Gerrit lends a hand

In order to speed up development of the airplanes, Gerrit now lends a hand at converting the planes. he can be seen here opening the hull of a plane in order to build in the electronics.

Signal prototypes

New signals are needed to assure smooth train operations! Here the prototypes of newly developed mechanical signals are on display. Once all test runs are accomplished, the new signals will replace the old unreliable ones in the layout.

If you take the right measures...

Many of your visitors still believe that setting up a layout is a "piece of cake" and everything just works fine... No way! In about 95% of all cases this does not happen. That is the reason why Joachim every so often sits in front of his desk with some test assemblies and looks for flaws. Here he tries to find out why some occupancy detectors loose their signals from time to time.

Maik's workspace

Now we want to continue our mini-series "Maik's workplace". As you can see, the complete left corner has been cleaned out, so Maik eventually gets his long longed for cabinet (which a bit inauspiciously lies on it's side). Now let's see if tidiness finally comes to Maik's workplace ! :-)

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