Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.03.08 at 12:32 hrs

Weekly Report No 383, CW 9

From Monday, 25.02.2008 to Sunday, 02.03.2008
This week we go back to some projects from the last weeks which have been completed and are aboslutely worth to look at!
Rosary in Harz section

The Harz section has a new attraction - a rosary has been built during the last weeks. With the help of some forum members who helped assembling the flowers, this neat park and...

Nursery in Harz section

...the nursery could be completed.

Nursery in Harz section

Diamond cave in Swiss section

The Swiss section also hums with work on small detail scenes. This cave can only be noticed if look very close. If you hold your eye as sclose as possible to the cave mouth, you can watch fascinating light effects. It is, however, almost impossible to capture this glitter and glamour in a picture..

Ride  'Indiago' for the fun fair

Holger currently builds a couple of rides for the fun fair located in the Harz section. While the "Indiago" undergoes it's first test runs to verify the reliability of the sliding contacts for lighting,...

Ride  'Octopussy' for the fun fair

... there is still a lot to do on the 'Octopussy'.

Monitors in the command stand

Since last week the control stand is completed. 78 screens show pictures of the controlling computers and surveillance cameras. The four large plasma scrrens show mainly pictures of our dome-cameras and the cab rides on various layout sections.

New screens in the soccer arena

Speaking of new monitors: In the HSH-Nordbank arena the old screens have been replaced during the remodelling phase and now the finest goal-scenes are shown on the new monitors. A special is the current layout-time that is displayed in the lower part of the screens.

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