Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.02.08 at 14:33 hrs

Weekly Report No 382, CW 8

From Monday, 18.02.2008 to Sunday, 24.02.2008
Last week we continued work on a couple of open "building sites". Here are the results:
Kid's Corner

Gaston kept working on the Kid's Corner. Now the mountains are carved and ready for paint.

'Froggytown' for the Kid's Corner

Gaston also finished the first village for the Kid's Corner and one can see that we put as much effort into the work for the little one's as for our grown up visitors :-))

Mine train for Knuffingen

After 6 years of almost continous running it was time to remodel the mine train.The trackwork was nearly completely worn so we had to dismantle the whole scene. That's why this sign is attached her. Basically, it says: 'Pardon our dust. We are re-modelling this scene'

Daniel works on the mine train

If, however, you go downstairs and pass by the model builders, you can watch Daniel as he builds a brandnew mining scene including train.

The new mine cave

Worm of tunnel boring machine

Looking at the Swiss section, we have to state that the worm of the tunnel boring machine still waits for the train that takes the dirt out of the bore. Maybe...

Cave near tunnel boring machine

that is a good thing because this small cave will last a bit longer then...

New gas station for Knuffingen

Recently, Messrs. Jet opened a new gas staion in Knuffingen. Now the inhabitants have a chance to buy low priced gas and have a chance to have their cars washed.

New gas station for Knuffingen

The extra service for all our guests and 1/1 - proportion drivers is that the actual gas prices are kept up-to-date on a daily basis and displayed on the price board.

HSV League Clock

The HSH-Nordbank-Arena also has a new detail: from now on, the league watch of the HSV is ticking. It shows for how long the HSV (Hamburg soccer club) play in the first league and, like the original, counts the seconds.

New screens at command center

The control stands also undergoes some changes. During the last weeks we fitted the upper rows with new TFTs and Plasma-monitors. The smaller TFTs show current pictures of the layout while the large plasma screens will show cab rides from various layout sections.

TBM at work

One "construction site" that is nearly completed, is the tunnel boring machine in the Swiss section.On a pushh on a button, it now ploughs it's way through the Matterhon.

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