Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.02.08 at 13:36 hrs

Weekly Report No 381, CW 7

From Monday, 11.02.2008 to Sunday, 17.02.2008
Ever so often we are asked which skills are needed to work in the Wunderland. Well, the following pictures will show you a couple of the needed skills :-))
Holger's steady hands

1. you should have steady and calm hands. A light tremble can lead to complete destruction of the model you are working on.Here we see Holger as he builds new stands for the fun fair...

Sweets and Food stands for fun fair

... since we currently work on a complete refurbishment of the fun fair model.

Ride 'Octopussy'

There will be complete new rides which this assembly is a port of.

Axel, submerged under the layout

2. you should be able to work in a reclined position without snoring away or becoming lame arms. Axel currently wires the test layout for the airport section - there are, however, many more areas where work can only be accomplished in a subjacent position...

Highly concentrated at the control stand

3. one should be able to work highly concentrated over a longer period of time. Working at the control stand, this is most certainly the most important skill needed because a slight distraction could lead to complete desaster. Right, Sven??? :-)

Bobby building a nursery

4. one should be patient and have a certain affinity for details; the only way to populate an open air concert with thousands of figures or to build large forests. Of course, this skill is also needed when building a new nursery like Bobby is doing in this picture.

Bobby plants flowers

Bobby "plants" the flowers of Messrs. Busch which took weeks of laborous assembling during the last weeks and now arrive packet by packet....

The nursery's flower shop

... combining into one of those neat little details on our layout.

Cherry picker

5. one should be imaginatve and creative. Who else would have the idea to build a funtional cherry picker (aka boom lift) ...

Cherry picker in 1/87

... in 1/87 proportion ???

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