Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.02.08 at 14:08 hrs

Weekly Report No 380, CW 6

From Monday, 04.02.2008 to Sunday 10.02.2008
After primarily looking at trains for the last two weeks, we will turn back to the layout in this report.
Airport test layout

During the last weeks, a well sized test layout for the airport section was built.This way, Gerrit can check if all ideas we have for this section will work out.

Kid's Corner

The Kid's corner also makes some progress: the first "mountains" are modeled with plaster and a couple of bridges are built in.

Tunnel boring machine

The tunnel boring machine also found it's final place in the Swiss section. In the course of the next couple of days lights will be built in and the programming for light effects will be done.

'Titlis' cable car incident"

Last weekend we had a small "incident" with out Titlis funicular. Due to a defective electronic part, the limit stop didn't work anymore and one gondola crashed into the scenery. The team is already about to repair the funicular though.

Wolfgang in the mountains

Sometimes, one ends up at akward locations to repair the layout. Wolfgang is seen here 'hanging on' to the Bietschhorn as he works on the cog wheel line but...

Patrick repairs the cranes

... down in the valley, you can also spot a colleague from time to time. This is Patrick as he adjusts the crane movements.

Connection Knuffingen/Alps

Quite often we are asked by our visitors where the trains connect between the old Alps section and the new Swiss section and if they (the visitors) could have a look at this point. Since it is too narrow for visitors here, we provide this look in our report...

Connection Knuffingen/Alps

Using this helix, the trains roll from the Swiss section and head for the old sections, even if a piece of track is replaced (see above picture).

Bobby assembles flowers

Bobby is currently occupied with refurbishing the old sections and building new details for them. Here we see him assembilng flowers...


... which will go into the Harz section.

1/87 flowers

New flower shop in the Harz section

Of course, there will also be a flower shop. It is already assembled and wired, and just waits to be built in.

Lifeguard tower

Another neat detail is this DLRG-tower (greetings from "Baywatch" :-) ) built by Manfred. But why does none of the rescuers use his binoculars???

Maik's workspace in February

Three weeks ago we showed the progress at Maik's workplace. Now, it almost looks like in the beginning. The reason for this are loads of ideas which came from you. Maik is currently about to realize these ides and comments. More in the next reports....

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