Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.01.08 at 19:00 hrs

Weekly Report No.378, CW 4

From Monday, 21.01.2008 to Sunday, 27.01.2008
In the next two weekly reports we will introduce a couple of swiss trains but will also show you a picture from the new airport section.
Train no.: IC 1807

TEE (Trans Europ Express) of Swiss class RAM from the 60’s.

Train no.: IC 1830

Regio-Express (a sort of fast commuter train) of the SBB with class RE 4/4 motive power and EW II coaches.

Train no.: IC 1856

Consist set up after the prototype IC (Inter City) 956 from the 2008 train schedule with class RE 460 engine. The distinctive feature is that extra coaches are coupled behind the control cab of this push-pull unit.

Train no.: CB1853

Mixed freight behind a double header of class C 5/6 freight steamers.

Train no.: CB1803

Mixed freight lead by two BLS class 465 engines. The leading loco features a paint scheme that once was proposed but never came into effect. The brown paint scheme was the original color for BLS electric motive power. All class 465 engines were exclusively painted in the blue livery.

Train no.: CB1802

This train is a so-called „combined loading traffic“ headed by two BLS class 465 engines. In Switzerland, it is compulsory for all trucks to croos the alps by means of trains.

Train no.: IC 1829

Train consist set uo after the original train IC 1984 of 2006 headed by a class 460 electric engine.

Train no.: IC 1828

BLS fast passenger service heade by a class RE 465 engine.

This a somewhat exceptional „train“: Eight class RE 460 on their way from the plant to their home depot.

Train no.: IC 1832

Consist made up after the prototype train IC 2009 from spring 2007

Test layout under construction

In the next days and weeks we will build a kind of „test-bed“ for the new techniques used for the airport section. This way, we can make sure that the builders of this section know what they’re working with and that the setup may continue flawlessly.

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