Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.01.08 at 11:58 hrs

Weekly Report No. 377, KW 3

From Monday, 14.01.2008 to Sunday, 20.01.2008
This report will show the progress of our projects, like the tunnel bore.
Worker's containers at the tunnel bore

The container cabins are now detailed. So far, everything looks pretty normal…

Offices in the worker's containers

with the small offices for the supervising engineers and conference rooms. If, however, one looks abit closer,…

Leisure rooms in the workers' containers

… one can clearly see that the management had a couple of fine ideas to brighten the leisure time of their associates after a hard day’s work.

The worm of the tunnel boring machine (TBM)

The tunnel boring machine (TBM) also nears completion. The so-called „worm“ of the TBM is installed and detailed in this picture.

The head of the TBM

The boring head of the TBM is designed to move back and forth. In this picture, the mechanics to simulate the movement is built in.

Car wash

Speaking of movement: Another new detail for the gas station is ready. A beetle is about to be thorougly cleaned in this portal-carwash. The complete portal moves, exactly like the prototype, over the vehicle and lowers or rises the rotating brush.

Chaos at workplace mended

Two weeks ago we showed you this workspace when boxes were piling up right into the aisles. As one can see, many of them have been „worked off“…

Still chaos at workplace

Much to his disgrace, Maik’s main workspace still looks a bit chaotic. Maik promised, however, that when the next new section will be opened, he will be back to 'normal' order! :)

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