Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.01.08 at 17:53 hrs

Weekly Report No. 376, CW 2

From Monday, 07.01.2008 to Sunday, 13.01.2008
Last week we mainly took care of repair and maintenance of the layout. There are, however, a couple of new things coming up for the „old“ layout.
Stress test for the fun fair

This is a small test-rig set up by Holger for testing a fun fair ride. The purpose is to check if the built-in bearings can stand up to the rough conditions of permanent running on the layout.

Gas station shop

Very soon, there will also be something new in the Knuffingen section. Here a typical shop for a gas station is created.

Daniel builds a price board

Another element of the gas station is the board that shows the gas prices.

Price board for gas station

It will show the current gas prices (Yes, the real ones!) and will be continously updated.

Wolfgang, building crossing gates

A lot of time is now invested into all layout sections in order to built in more details. Wolfgang is seen here how he modifies the supports for grade crossing bars to match our standards.

Support for crossing gate

The original stanchions were just a wee bit too clumsy, so Wolfgang came up with a better solution.

Sascha as he prepares LED´s

If you think that all lighting effects are installed on the layout, well, then you’re wrong. In some corners, we still are about to improve the lighting for houses and streets. Sascha is seen here as he prepares LEDs for installation.

Dwelling containers for the tunnel site

Switzerland also needs more details. When finished, these containers will house the workers of the tunnel site which the model builders are just about to create. Later the containers and the tunnel bore will be illuminated by our electronic department and then it will be integrated into the layout.

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