Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

07.01.08 at 13:36 hrs

Weekly Report No. 375, CW 1

From Monday, 31.12.2007 to Sunday, 06.01.2008
A new year and a new report. During the last week we were mainly busy with tackling those tasks that we didn’t finish during the last 3 months.
Worn 3rd rail

Wolfgang once more faced a monster-task. He had to replace several Märklin track pieces. The reason for this action is that the middle 3rd rail was completely worn out. In this picture, one can easily see, how far down you can wear a 3rd rail until the loco doesn’t draw any more current.

Turnout with worn 3rd rail

Looking at turnouts, the problem with the worn 3rd rail becomes an even worse one! The ski underneath a loco or carriage is not any longer properly guided and causes a short. The consequence is that on the efeected lines only limited train traffic is possible.

Tunnel boring machine for Switzerland

Not only maintenance was done last week but als a couple of effects for layout were created. This is the nearly completed tunnel boring machine which will be intergrated into the Swiss section in the next days. Hmmm, why is it used now, when all tunnels are in Switzerland are ready? ;-)

Small cave for Switzerland.

Another small novelty is this little cave in the making for the Swiss section.

Chaotic workplace

Speaking of „not finished“: Here we see a workplace where work really is piling up in the word’s sense!

Trains for Switzerland

There are still a couple of trains that have to be modified, set up, repaired. All go to the Swiss section..

Modelling base for Kid's Corner

Another „legacy“ is the Kid’s Corner. This is the model area which later…

Kid's Corner

… will be implemented here. After that, the kids can run their own trains in a small Wunderland.

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