Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

31.12.07 at 15:15 hrs

Weekly Report No 374, CW 52

From Monday, 24.12. to Sunday 30.12.2007
A very exciting year is in it’s final days and we take the opportunity for a short retrospect.
The first mountain in Switzerland is built

At the beginning of this year, the Swiss section was a far cry from what it looks today. The first mountain….

Harry slinging plaster

…got his first layer of plaster but the rest was still dominated by steel frames and wooden benchwork.

First bridge in Switzerland

The first bridges and viaducts were test-fitted but far from being finished.

Ebay building lots for charity

In January, we auctioned of 5 lots at ebay for charity. All in all, some 30,000 EUR were collected.


Slowly the first mountain appears in Switzerland. Beginiing of February one could fairly well recognize what the summit of the Bietzchorn will look like.

Subroadbed in the new Swiss section

Also in February, most of the needed subroadbeds for track and streets are in place.

2nd floor construction site

Switzerland wasn’t our only project. The second floor also changed from warehouse to visitor area. Very soon, our electronics and mechanics departments will find a new place down here.

One third of the Bietschhorn is ready

In March, the first third of the Bietschorn is nearly finished; only a bit of paint is missing in some places.

Vista of the Swiss section

At this time, however, it was foreseeable which dimensions this section would have on it’s completion.

First village in the Swiss section

The first village also emerged in March. Bobby is seen here adapting the surrounding area to the village.

Basic framework for the Matterhorn

By the end of March we started to set up the scaffolding for the Matterhorn since in the meantime…

Bietschhorn nearly complete

… the Bietschhorm was almost finished..

Raw Matterhorn summit

In April our „mounties“ could start building the Matterhorn summit but beforehand, the tracks had to be wired.

The 2nd floor is nearly complete

The second floor was also ready in April to have the electronics and mechanics departments move in. In addition, two new cinemas and restrooms were built.

Christening Aida Diva

A big highlight for us and for Hamburg was the christening of MS Aida Diva on April 20, 2007 in the port of Hamburg.

A Smart learns how to fly

Our maintenance gang also had a very job assigned this year. The task was to park a real (1:1) Smart in our exhibition hall. Not an easy task at all, but a quick job for our team :).

The Bietschhorn in Mai 2007

In early May Switzerland almost looked like the prototype. More and more details were modeled, and…

Matterhorn summit in Mai 2007

… the Matterhorn summit slowly showed it’s typical shape.

Gerhard went blonde

Life not only consists of work but also a lot of fun. Is Gerhard covering up his thin hair with a new wig here?

4,000,000s guest in the Wunderland

Records, Records, Records. On June 13, 2007 we welcomed the 4,000,000th visitor.

New internet site is installed

June 27, 2007. For the first time in two years our internet-site is not accessable. The reason was the installation of our new site as you know it today.

Bluff at the Matterhorn

Switzerland also made progress in June. The Matterhorn summit was ready….

Bluff at the Matterhorn

… so the bluff-like sides could be tackled.

Swiss section in June, 2007

All in all, the Swiss section started looking nice since the first details like houses, trees, and figures were set into the layout.

Summit cross on the Matterhorn

In August, Freddy set up the summit cross on the Matterhorn, and…

Fort Bellinzona

… more details, like Fort Bellinzona, were integrated into the layout.

Strike in the Hamburg section

In August, the German Railways went on strike. What a coincidence: Appearently, the associates of the MIWULA Traffic Dept. also went on strike in the Hamburg section. Not single S- or U-Bahn moved out of the depot. So far, nobody knew the reason for the strike :)

Freddy and Gerrit with Frank Rost

The Hamburg Volksparkstadion (a famous soccer arena in Hamburg) was renamed in August. Frank Rost (Keeper of the HSV) revealed the new lettering on the (model) HSH Nordbank Arena with 1:87 firework.

Fireworks in the arena

Open Air conzert in Switzerland

Another highlight for the Swiss section was created in August: We built a large open air concert featuring DJ Bobo. More than 24,000 little Preiser figures wanted to attend …

DJ Bobo's stage in 1/87

… the inauguration gig of DJ Bobo’s new show.

Ticino benchwork

In September, all went 'full speed ahead' because the date of the opening was set now. Slight drawback: the Ticino – area was nothing more than a carcass.

Maik sorting trains

Since it was time to think about prototypical train consists for Switzerland, Maik sorted, categorized, and built trains for the Swiss section.

Gerrit programming lights

Meanwhile, it is October and the opening is coming closer. This means that nights shorten considerably. Gerrit worked his brains out on the lighting control…

Joachim firing up Switzerland

… while Dag and Joachim fired up the trains control system.

Speicherstadt flooded

Then this! November 9, 2007, just three days before the opening, the complete Speicherstadt complex was flooded. How lucky we are that the exhibit is located in the third and fourth floor. Just imagine wet feet…..

from left: Freddy Braun, Ole von Beust, Dr. Blickenstorfer, Stephan Hertz, Gerrit Braun

The big day: November 12, 2007 the new Swiss section was officially opened by our First Mayor Ole von Beust and Swiss Ambassador Dr. Blickenstorfer..

Photographers at opening ceremony

More than 80 photographers, editors, and TV-teams could’nt wait to attend the opening ceremony.

Wide open eyes of the VIPs

The premiere guests were very exited about the new Swiss section…

Golfing in Switzerland

… and wondered about the small details

Ghosts in a sunken church

which have been distributed over an area of 250 sqaure meters.

Just a bit too much...

This was a (not so serious) restrospect of 2007. We whish all our fans and visitors a happy 2008! See you next year in Hamburg !!! :)

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