Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.12.07 at 13:55 hrs

Weekly Report No. 372, CW 50

From Monday, 10.12.2007 to Sunday, 16.12.2007
Much to our regret the the report is a bit late for this week. The reason for this is shown at the end of this report but to start with, we’ill show you what we accomplished the last week.
Patrick repairs the troll cave

Currently, the top priority is on resolving old problems and repair work. Here we see Patrick as he repairs the mechanic of the troll cave in the scandinavian section.

Baseplate of the troll cave

After more than two years of hard work, this motor finally gave in and has to be replaced. Unfortunately, the motor is no longer produced and so the base plate had to be slightly modified.

A new ride for the fun fair

After a hiatus of many months, Holger can now go back to his favorite work: maintaining the fun fair in the Harz mountains section. Many caroussells cannot stand up to the permanent running pressure and consequently Holger rebuilds some of them with an entirely new mechanic.

Automatic chocolate give away

The colleagues finally managed to fully automize the chocolate plant in the Swiss section and now everybody that pushes the button on the railing, gets his chocolate bar.

Our new camera-train

The techniques used in our video department was also enhanced. The first test runs with the camera train were quite successfull.

Lotto & Pape Live on Stage @ x-mas party

And here is the reason why this report is late. Last Monday, one of our famed christmas parties was staged in the Wunderland. A special attraction were two local musicians – Lotto and Pape – who more or less were responsible for the fact that most of our colleagues partied until 5:30 in the morning.

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