Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.12.07 at 13:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 370, CW 48

From Monday, 26.11. to Sunday, 02.12.2007
Due to the stress during the last couple of weeks some news obviously didn’t make it into the reports; like the many small details in the new Swiss section. By no means we want to hold back on those pictures but start with a birthday from last week.

Again, Gerhard Dauscher aged one year and one new building section. Well, as one can see, he keeps his countenance bearing this heavy load :) …

Sausage meal on Gerhard's birthday

… at a white sausage feast with his colleagues. A „Happy Birthday!“ from here :)

Golfers on the bio-gas plant

Now we start our stroll through the new section and have a look at the details. One point of critics was always that we don’t have a golf club on our layout – from now on we have at least a driving range. However, it is located in a somewhat peculiar area – on top of the silos of a biogas plant.

Apes on a rope?

A little further down the layout we noticed this detail – what are those apes up to?

Runaway apes or training camp?

We could hardly believe what we saw: There is really an ape climbing up the dam wall. Wether this is an escape or rather a kind of training camp to regain the old capabilities, we wouldn’t know.

Ghosts??? Halloween is long over?!

A glance behind the dam wall astonished us even more. Ghosts? Halloween is long over, isn’t it ?

Ghosts in the sunken church

This sunken church obviously serves as vacation home for ghosts during the halloween off-season :)

What are the guys up to?

When watching this scene, the question arose where these guys are going to. Most probably, we will never know since they don’t seem to talk much!


Here the reason was found very fast why the monks have to rope down to their cloister…

Monks on the rope

… the builders simply forgot to plane a path after they had constructed the cloister amidst a bluff.

Tanning under Swiss sun

After all these curiosities we turn back to „normal“. Many roof-terraces in Switzerland can be used for sunbathing. However, one should make sure that there are no higher buildings around else…

Workers relishing the vista

… it could happen that a couple of gentleman feel forced to quit work.

Nap with a sudden end

If you lay down for a short nap in the Swiss sun, make sure that nobody else claims this place. Otherwise, there might be a sudden end.

Wedding in Switzerland

As in most places of this world, one dares to marry in Switzerland, too. A large…

Swiss church

… church is a must to marry in style.

Heavy loads and their malices

Let’s have a look at the technical devices in the Wunderland. Obviously the laws of physics work here, too.

Greetings from gravity!

Somebody obviously didn’t think about the fact that a sliding load can tempt a forklift to follow gravity. The chocolate supply is nonetheless secured.

If you're in a dead end...

A car driver tested his luck in this picture. A broken exhaust pipe holds his junk car on a rock. Or were it the prayers of the monks underneath the accident scene that held the car in place???

Convertible drivers have a tough life...

Drivers of convertibles should take extra care when they look for a parking lot because if workers loose control over their tools, life comes at you fast…

A new tunnel bore?

Those who think that these guys prepare a giant tunnel project are completly wrong. The bad boys are after the disdainful mammon which lurks behind the concrete wall, but…

Police force in the bank

… the Swiss police is well prepared and already waits for the guys behind that very concrete wall.

Not only the Swiss police but also the local public services care for a clean town.

Café in Switzerland

Before we end this interesting walkabout in the new Swiss area, we relax in a typical cafe. See you in the next report!