Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.11.07 at 15:24 hrs

Weekly Report No 369, CW 47

From Monday, 19.11. 2007 to Sunday, 25.11.2007
Since we needed the last week mainly to recover from the opening of the Swiss section, we will show you a couple of pictures taken during the fair Modellbauwelt in Hamburg which we attended with our own booth last weekend.
Our booth

Unfortunately we somehow lost the pictures of our real booth, we ahve to show you a small 3D-drawing. Our layout was presented on 200 sqm (roughly 1,800 sq ft).

3D model of our booth

Since we cannot take our layout to fairs, we show visitors on small action areas how we built the layout. In addition, we pass on tips and tricks like illuminating houses or seeding grass.

The mobile CarSystem layout

We took our mini Carsystem with us (like last year) and again small and grown-up visitors gathered around it as soon as a fire engine took off.


Even Freddy was once again excited and it became difficult to part him from the mini layout…

The Wunderland story

… but somehow we managed it just in time for his time on stage where had a couple of stories to tell about the history of the Miniatur Wunderland.

Freddy answering questions

After his speech Freddy answered the many questions about the Miniatur Wunderland.

Woehlke and Patrick

Some team members were also in our booth and showed the visitors their work in the areas of mechanics and electronics. Here, Woehlke and Patrick are about to illuminate a couple of houses and install some mechanic special effects.


Some model builders also joined the fair team and showed the visitors how build mountains and scenick them.


Gitta also joined in and built a special train. We will not tell you what kind of train it will be. This is going to be a surprise :)


Gerhard Dauscher, the master planner of our layout showed the visitors how build small mountains and tunnels. Naturally, some of the plaster covers the floor nad has to be removed. So Gerhard had to fight with the vacuum cleaner from time to time. Rest assured: he won every time :)


As during the last fairs, our young visitors could compete in assembling a starter pack and win a ticket for the Miniatur Wunderland. All winners will be displayed in our next weekly report special.