Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.11.07 at 14:35 hrs

Weekly Report No 368, CW 46

From Monday, 12.11.2007 to Sunday, 19.11.2007
The last week was one of the toughest kind the Wunderland ever experienced. The opneing of the Switzerland section excelled all earlier opening sessions.
Press gathering

Shortly before noon, more than 80 photographers, editors and TV-teams waited to attend the opning ceremony.

f.l. Gerrit Braun, Frederik Braun, Dr. Blickenstorfer, Walter Kaegi, Ole von Beust, Stephan Hertz (Photo: O. Preuschoff)

Freddy, Gerrit, and Stephan took the guests on a quick tour around the new addition to the layout.

Shortly before the opening

Before opening the new Switzerland section for the public, ambassodor Dr. Blickenstorfer held a short speech and pointed out the new connection between Switzerland and Hamburg that was made with this new section of our layout.

Ole von Beust and Dr. Blickenstorfer

After their short speeches, the First Mayor Ole von Beust and the Swiss Ambassador Dr. Blickenstorfer opened the Swiss section for public viewing.

Amazed viewers

After the ceremony, Ole von Beust and Dr. Blickenstorfer were able to view Switzerland from a bird’s eye perspective. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out what made Dr. Blickenstorfer look so amazed.

Interview with Gerrit and Frederik Braun (Photo: O. Preuschoff)

Gerrit and Freddy were overwhelmed by a wave of interview requests. However, as one can see in this photo, they never lost their good temper.

DJ Bobo with Gerrit and Freddy

Another , not less impressive opening ceremony, created the next press run – DJ Bobo „fired up“ his small open air concert in the swiss section….

Fireworks on DJ Bobo's stage

… which, with a 1/86 firework, was really a „sparkling“ event.

Fireworks on DJ Bobo's stage

Fireworks on DJ Bobo's stage

Fireworks on DJ Bobo's stage

Fireworks on DJ Bobo's stage

Fireworks on DJ Bobo's stage (Photo: O. Preuschoff)

Blazing finale at DJ Bobo Conzert (Photo: O. Preuschoff)

Sara Bouachir (press relations officer Lindt Sprüngli) and Frederik Braun open the chocolate plant

After the spectacular opening of the DJ Bobo concert, another highlight of the layout was to be opened. Sara Bouachir from Lindt Spruengli opened the chocolate plant in cooperation with Freddy.

The Swiss chocolate plant

From now on, this plant „produces“ up to 1,000 small Lindt-Spruengli chocolate bars and distributes them to our visitors.

f.l. Consul Thomas Casura, Holcim CEO Leo Mittelholzer, Consul General Walter Kaegi and Gerrit Braun opening the Holcim concrete plant in Switzerland

To round this day out, the CEO of Holcim, Leo Mittelholzer, consul general Walter Keagi, and Gerrit Braun opened the concrete plant in the Graubuenden area.

Holcim concrete plant in the Swiss section

This concrete plant was one of the largest projects which could be prototypically captured tahnks to the help of a plant manager of Holcim.

Holcim concrete plant in the Swiss section

This enables our visitors to follow the production process in a concrete plant from raw material to finished product.

Inauguration party for friends and associates (Photo: H.Ruge)

The day after the official opening it was time to party for our associates and friends.

DJ Chol and MC Eriker alias Freddy and Gerrit (Photo: H.Ruge)

In a small DJ-battle, DJ Chol and MC Eriker aka Freddy and Gerrit showed the colleagues that they still can bring it up (Yes, once they were DJs :) )

DJ Rastafari alias Martin (Photo: H.Ruge)

When DJ Rastafari grabbed the turntable and dug out the best dance hits of the last 20 years, the dancefloor was packed.

Partyalarm in Miniatur Wunderland (Photo: H.Ruge)

This opening party was a real smash hit for all associates and guests.

Quick preview for First Mayor Ole von Beust and den Swiss Ambassador Dr. Christian Blickenstorfer (Photo: O. Preuschoff)

Freddy and Gerrit offered a quick preview to First Mayor Ole von Beust and the Swiss Ambassodor Dr. Christian Blickenstorfer before they went to celebrate the official opening.

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