Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.11.07 at 20:32 hrs

Weekly Report No 367, CW 45

Form Monday, 05.11.2007 to Sunday, 11.11.2007
Wow, what a tough week! Last week, the Swiss section was tested under realistic conditions for the first time. Only Mother Nature gave us some trouble :)
Brichur, Switzerland, at night

As usual before an opening, people worked all over the place. To secure a decent train schedule, Dag’s and Joachim’s team worked day and night in order to eliminate the last flaws in hard- and software. The day-/night simulation also had to be checked which was a perfect opportunity for these nice nightshots.

Fortress Ballinzona at nightime

The purpose of such „night-checks“ is to make sure that all illuminated objects are connected and have been correctly programmed. The team around Gerrit and René worked nearly around the clock to make sure they connected everything that was built into the layout.

Swiss station at night

Lindt chocolate plant

The Lindt chocolate plant was also completed and programmed during the last days to make sure that we’ll have enough „nerve-nutrition“ for the opening ceremony.

High tide in Hamburg

On Friday, Mother Nature decided to bother us a bit. A storm tide was predicted for 16:00 hrs which was said to flood most of the Speicherstadt warehouse complex. At 15:00 hrs the water came high enough to completely flood our basement.

Flooded streets

The street „Sandtorkai“ was completely flooded. Since the buildings are equipped with storm-doors, they are nearly watertight and so never in real danger. Only the cars that hadn’t been driven away in time decided to operate as boat for the next couple of hours.

Our parking lot

Our parking lot was also completely flooded. No harm done though, since we recommended our visitors to park their cars in the nearby multi-story carparks.

Scandinavia right in front of our doorstep

The Miniatur Wunderland wouldn’t be exactly that if we couldn’t find some fun in such a situation. We simply declared our parking lot as an extension to our Scandinavian part and let the Superfast ferry make a few turns in front of our doors. Remark: The quality of these pictures is a bit inferior because we took them directly from a video shooting.

Press gathering

The break, granted through the high tide didn’t last long and before we knew it, the day of the opening was there. Shortly before 11:00 hrs we nearly had to send out an SOS because were simply blown away by more than 80 TV – and media teams who waited for the celebration.

f.l. Frederik Braun, Ole von Beust, Dr. Christian Blickenstorfer, Stephan Hertz, Gerrit Braun

Our First Mayor Ole von Beust and the Swiss Ambassodor Dr. Christian Blickenstorfer did the honors and opened the new Swiss section at 12:15 hrs on the 12th November, 2007. More pictures and information will follow in the next report and in MiwulaTV on Monday.

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