Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.11.07 at 14:02 hrs

Weekly Report No 366, CW 44

From Monday, 29.10.2007 to Sunday, 04.11.2007
It ist he last week before the opening ceremony of the Swiss building section. The colleagues still work all over the place and we use this opportunity to look over their shoulders.
Gerrit programming the lights

Here we see Gerrit programming the lighting control for the layout and documenting all appliances.Hey, this must be a lot of fun if Gerrit still has this wide grin in his face! :)

Joachim is frustrated

Joachim obviously has another insight – he throws his hands up in horror. We can’t tell why. The train technique can’t be blamed since it works almost flawlessly. Maybe it ist he photographer – right, Joachim??? ;-)

Patrick installs the last special effects

It is a bit more diffcult for Patrick and his team. They still have to wire the last houses and on top of that, have to complete a couple of specials and integrate them into the layout.

Florian builds signal bridges

Florian also needs a lot of sure instinct. He has to build some more signal bridges, integrate them into the layout, and wire them. We only hope that he doesn’t get confused with all those wires and triggers a green signal where a red one should glow!

Anja building a couple of small details

The model builders have some more things to do, too. Anja is about complete the last details for a couple of houses, like railings or ladder cages for the chimneys.

Manfred produces billboards and signs

Manfred also contributes to the beautification of the layout. Currently, his main job is set up traffic signs and bill boards at the correct places.

Harry has cramps

Since the mountains are ready, Harry works on a couple of smaller projects. Problem is that he had massive cramps in his arms so that weh ad to send him to the wellness oasis shown in report 364. Hopefully, his arms will be unknotted then enabling him to build a couple more funny details.

Gaston and his wood supply

As everybody knows, Gaston just loves wood which is why he builds a lot oof small details which have to do with wood, like a workshop producing wooden bridges. He is seen her, holding a small detail for the workshop,…

'Lovely' couple under a tree

...a cute couple in love under a big tree.

Sammi after a tough shift

So far, even Anja’s (picture 5) dog did a very good job. He makes sure that everyboday has something to do and delivers a good job – otherwise that person is not allowed to cuddle it. Anyway, even a dog needs a rest from time to time :)

Graubuenden construction site

Here in the Graubuenden area you can see how crowded some places could get during building times. Wolfgang has to install the catenary, Gaston tinkers with his woodbridge-workshop, Daniel sets up a couple of specials, and Kai installs the concrete plant.

Concrete plant

Until Friday, all buildings for the concrete plant have to be installed with installed lighting. Looking at the sheer number of models, we don’t know yet if the set schedule works out but we’ll see that in Monday. We still have 156 hours left (plus the rest of today). :)

Mine bore in the Matterhorn

The mine may look completed but there is still some light missing. After all, one should be able to see how much hard work the colleagues invested here.

Matterhorn mine in 4th floor

Matterhorn mine in 4th floor

Loco lift in the Matterhorn

The locomotive elevator is installed and ready to start service.

Railings along the layout

Since we want to protect our layout in this area too, railings have to be installed around the layout’s edges. These have been built by Andreas and his team (they deny any photo :)). Until the opening day the steps for the children will also be ready to use.

New workshop wall

In order to keep the workshops light from interfering with the layout’s day-/light simulation, a separating wall is set up. But no worries: There will be windows in the walls so people can still watch the modelbuilders at work. During the night, however, automatic shutters will close the windows.

Nerve nutrition part 2

The nerve-nutrition for the crew also had been re-stocked and we hope that this will be enough until the opening day. After all, we still have some problems to solve that will certainly shrink this sweet heap considerably. As an info to all: the next weekly report will be issued on Wednesday since we need all hands to organize the opening ceremony. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

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