Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.10.07 at 14:28 hrs

Weekly Report No 365, CW 43

From Monday, 22.10.2007 to Sunday, 27.10.2007
In the last reports we showed you details in the new Swiss building section and this week, we will again do exactly that.
Water reservoir in Graubuenden

Since you have to deal with environmental friendly energy production these days, we tackled this problem in a very aggressive way in the Graubuenden area. There, we have a hydroelectric power plant.

Turbine building

The turbines don’t work yet but within the next few days, a first test run will soon be initiated.

Control center in power plant

The first safety tests are already under way in the control room, supervised by a certain red-haired lady. :)

Traffic jam on the highway

On one hand, energy is produced environment-friendly, on the other hand, it is wasted – like in this traffic jam. The reason for the jam is the large roadwork scene seen in the foreground. Unfortunately, the heavy load transporter is also stuck in the jam and that delays the beginning of the roadworks until 11th November.

Public tranport in the Ticino

In the Ticino area, you can already move around the „green“ way. The public transport system, in this case buses, is already installed. If you want to use the train, you’ll have to wait another week…

Memorial in th Ticino

For the last decades, if not for centuries, this guy uses the most environmental-friendly kind of transport. The only drawback is that he can’t really go anywhere.

'Cheesy' accident

These cheese loafs prefer to roll to the shop instead of being taken there by truck.

Junkyard in the Ticino

Since more and more Preiser-figures do without their means of transport, these will be disposed free of charge at the next junk yard, won’t they???

Red Bull Flight Days

Another environment-friendly kind of moving around is shown here. However, before daring such a flight, one should have had enough of that caffeinated energy drink; not only in order to reach one’s goal but also ….

Jury at the Red Bull Flight Days

… to earn high ratings from the jury!

Café in the Ticino

There are other choices to take up some caffeine in Switzerland. These small cafes in the Swiss streets are well known for the black brew.

Environmental-friendly beer transport

In Switzerland, not only caffeinated warm and cold drinks are serverd but also those drinks made of malt and barley. We won’t go into details as far as the environmental-friendly kind of transport by horse carriage is concerned.

Concrete plant in Graubuenden

To point out another reason for the traffic in picture 4, we would like to draw your attention to the incomplete concrete plant in the Graubuenden area. Some more working hours will go into this project to finish it in time for the opening ceremony.

Brückenpisser auf der Sunnibergbrücke

During the last weeks we were often asked where the „bridge-pissers“ went to from the American section. Well, here’s the answer: They now stand right on the Sunniberg-Bridge. We hope that we found a place now where these guys don’t „vanish“ any more.

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