Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.10.07 at 15:26 hrs

Weekly Report No 364, CW 42

From Monday, 15.10.2007 to Sunday, 21.10.2007
We have just a bit less than 4 weeks until the opening of the Swiss section. That is why every nook and corner of the layout hums with activity. Not every place though: in order to recharge the batteries, the editorial staff of the weekly reports spent some days in London.
London Waterloo Station from a bird's eye view

Once in London, there is no way not to busy oneself with the tube (London underground) or railroads. This picture shows Waterloo Station, photographed from the London Eye close to the river Thames and Big Ben.

Nerve nutrition

After two weeks the table with sweets looks really „used“! Time for Freddy to re-stock! :)

Wellness oasis in Switzerland

But maybe Freddy is willing to sponsor a wellness oasis - like this one for the small Preiser-figures - in the Ticino area ! :)

Mine drift underneath the Matterhorn

Last week we had a large construction site here when the drift looked like a Swiss cheese. The preparation works are now finished and the drift receives it’s paint. The loco-elevator is also ready and has been integrated into this area.

Porta Alpina Station

The Porta Alpina has also been integrated to a large extent. Here, the last finishing touches are applied to the service-doors. This area will be completed in the next couple of days.

Town in the Ticino area

The small town in the Ticino area also nears completion.

Town in the Ticino area

Concrete plant in Graubuenden

In the Graubuenden area, the colleagues are currently busy to complete the layout’s fascia and the concrete plant.

Joachim at a technical check

Our technicians also have peak hours now. Here we see Joachim as he checks the track occupancy detectors on the computer monitor. This test is important because (at least) the software should know where the trains are running…

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