Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.10.07 at 12:33 hrs

Weekly Report No 363, CW 41

From Monday, 08.10.2007 to Sunday, 14.10.2007
This week, we have a larger than usual report showing the progress from almost all sections and a couple of details.
Nerve nutrition for the crew

Over the last years, a tradition grew in the Wunderlaand that can always be seen shortly before an opening ceremony of a new building section. To calm down one’s nerves, a large table with sweets for the crew is provided.

St. Max

Seen from the 4th floor, St. Max already looks pretty nice. A few details, however, still have to be added: there is not much life in town and a bit of lighting is also needed.

The mine drift inside the Matterhorn

Slowly, but surely the mine underneath the Matterhorn also makes some progress. Nearly all of the iron beams are concealed and a real mine drift emerges.

Trouble zone loco lift

However, as almost anywhere, there are some small problems. The question is how to insert a loco-elevator into a mine drift without destroying the overall impression. Erik and Mario took on this task and, as one can see, get along quite well.

DJ Bobo in Concert

Last week on the RTL show stage – this week in Switzerland. The large open air stage of DJ Bobo is now in it’s final spot in the Swiss section.

Last Ticino-module implemented

The last large module is now implemented and is now matched to the surrounding areas.

Playground near the bobsleigh ride

The first mechanical animations are now set up in their final places, like this kid’s playground close to the bobsleigh run.

Portal crane at the concrete plant

The concrete plant in the Graubuenden area also receives the first mechanical effects like this portal crane to move raw materials.

Temporary train storage

During the last days a variety of trains have been prepared for the Swiss section. They are stored in a steel cabinet to protect them from dust and dirt,…

Staging areas underneath Switzerland

… before they will be set up in the staging areas in the next couple of days.

Signalbridge for Switzerland

Since a few weeks the signalling system is under construction. The interesting part of it are these special constructions. Signal bridges with 7 main- and departure signals are not commercially available. A lot of manual work and design is needed to represent them as prototypically as possible.

Main- and departure signal

The 'local utitlity works'

Last week we showed you the wiring of the „public utility works“ which are now built into the layout. These power packs…

MIWULA Light-controllers

… deliver the current for these lighting controllers. LEDs, motors, and additional controllers will now be connected to the lighting controllers.

Kenneth and Patrick wiring the layout

Wiring a layout is predominantly a subjacent job. Some might think that is the most comfortable job of all in the Wunderland. You have to take care, however, not to fall asleep :)

Airplane prototype

Further high pressure is applied to the topics „Airport“ and „Airplanes“. Here we see another preproduction model absolving test runs. This way, we can find out if a model stands up to the permanent stress of daily showtimes and how much maintenance will be involved.

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