Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.10.07 at 17:53 hrs

Weekly Report No 362, CW 40

From Monday, 01.10.2007 to Sunday, 07.10.2007
Finally the weekly report is here! Unfortunately not as promised – with a detailed description of the Swiss signalling, this has to be postponed until next week. The reason fort his late report can be captured from the next two pictures:
Open Air Concert stage module at the Chart Show in Cologne

The reason fort he late report is seen on this picture. We were in Cologne and attended the RTL Chart Show in order to present DJ Bobo and the TV viewers our open air concert featuring DJ Bobo.

DJ Bobo Open Air stage

A big highlight of our miniature open air gig ist he stage in the design of DJ Bobo’s new show. Not only DJ Bobo and his crew but also the complete studio crew were thrilled by the superdetailled area. The stage itself has so many functions and animations that we will most probably show you a small video prior to the opening ceremony.

More and more areas in the Ticino are completed

Back in Hamburg we looked around what happened in the Swiss section. Here we see our model builders integrating more houses in the Ticino area.

The greenery is done

All „gardening“ jobs are finally finished. This area between Ticino and the Matterhorn was the last one to receive a couple of kilograms of gras and foliage.

The bobsleigh ride in Graubuenden

More and more small and large structures are completed. This ist the bobsleigh ride which only needs to be connected to the public utility net to start operations.

Structures in Graubuenden

The development plan in the Graubuenden area is nearly executed. The majority part of the houses which were only loosley positioned last week, now found their final places and also need to be connected to the public utility network.

Town module for the Ticino

This ist he last large module fort he Ticino area which is now completed and, in a couple of days, will be implemented into the layout .

Sven, completing the 'public utility net'

This is Sven working on the public utility network fort he Swiss section. More than 70 power packs will make sure that all the small LEDs in Switzerland will glow. The drawback ist hat the electronic wizzards will have connect lots of wires during the next days. More to that in the next report.

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