Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.10.07 at 16:55 hrs

Weekly Report No 361, CW 39

From Monday, 24.09.2007 to Sunday, 30.09.2007
This week, we again show you a couple of pictures of the current Swiss building section.
Completing the Engadin

The last „gardening“ jobs in the Engadin area are done;…

Valley in the Engadin

… only the resin-river and the last small details and figures are missing.

Observatory in the Engadin

This picture is connected to a question: 'What kind of building is this peculiar structure that had been built into the Engadin area during the last days?' Your answers may be posted in our forum. :)


After the gardeners left the Graubuenden area, the first structures and houses are set up and wired. Starting in the next days, the large concrete plant will be erected there, too.

St. Max is nearly ready.

As reported last week, the last module for St. Max was implemented. If you compare both pictures, you will notice the progress made in the station-area of St. Max. We also started to set up the catenary in order to have the first scheduled train running soon.


The development of the Ticino area takes on shape. Currently the modelbuilders are seeding gras in a couple of small areas…

Station in the Ticino

...but: during the course of this week, the model builders want to set up the first houses and make the station funtional. This means that next week the first test runs can take place.

Solemn worker

Many small details have already been built into the layout. This one, however, just „sneaked“ into the picture because we just wanted …

Signals in Switzerland

… to show this signal. It is one of the many tall and small signals that are currently set up. Next week, we show a couple more of them and maybe we also explain the differences between the types of signals.

A small branch of a bank

What would Switzerland be without a bank? Here you can look right into the bank and watch the scenes that happen in the upper floors.

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