Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

24.09.07 at 15:04 hrs

Weekly Report No 360, KW 38

From Monday, 17.09.2007 to Sunday, 23.09.2007
The closer the opening ceremony, the less time one has to write a „big“ weekly report. Therefore, this week we have to live with a somewhat shorter version,
First positioning-tests in the Ticino area.

The first houses move into the Ticino area – for a first test. After that, the houses will be removed again and the scenery will be worked to a snug fit.

St. Max from underneath

If, however, one crawls under the layout and looks up to the ceiling, one can easily see how much work is left for the electronic team until St. Max will be completed.

The last module for St Max is in

In the area around the Matterhorn, the last element for St. Max is built in.

Biogas-plant in the Ticino area

In one of our last reports, the biogas-plant stood quite isolated in the middle of nowhere. Now it is glued to it’s final position and will start production in the next couple of days! What’s that stink here ??? :)

Christian applying greenery

Last week we showed how Christian applied gras to the Engadin area. Today, he still is busy seeding greenery which makes it evident that such a task needs a lot of time.

The first test-train hit the rails

The model builders just left the first finished areas and the first test trains appear on the scene. This test train is run over the complete network (excluding the narrow gauge). During the test run the track is inspected for functionality and at the same time is cleaned. Yes, we know that this engine doesn’t really match the Swiss rolling stock but the IORE-model is one of the most robust engines and therefore the best engine for testing purposes.

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