Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.09.07 at 12:44 hrs

Weekly Report No 359, CW 37

From Monday, 10.09.2007 to Sunday, 16.09.2007
The last week again saw a lot of progress in the current building section of Switzerland. The Graubuenden-area was scenicked and in the Ticino-area, the landscape structures are being worked out. But see for yourself:
Landscape structure of the Ticino

During the last week we finished the landscape below the large fortress.

Kay reinforces the benchwork with additional risers

Some risers, however, are still missing. Kay is seen here, implementing the missing parts so the model builders can go on and finish the raw scenery.

The mine drift underneath the Matterhorn is created

The mine under the Matterhorn also slowly grows. The first part of the drift walls are modeled and wait to be painted.

The Sunniberg Bridge

Gaston was busy in his favorite job last week. He built the bridge crossing the stairway between 3rd and 4th floor.The bridge was built after a prototype known as the „Sunniberg“ – bridge.

Greenery in the Engadin

In the Enagdin and Graubuenden areas the last naked rocks now feature fresh green gras.

Greenery in the Engadin

Immediately after the lawn is down. a variety of trees is planted.

Meadows and trees in Graubuenden

Christian uses a 'Grasomat' to bring up the meadow

Seen here is Christian. He uses an electrostat made by Messrs. Maag Flockmaschinen GmbH to apply gras flock. These machines were used throughout the Swiss section.

An example of the result using a 'Grasomat'

Using this machine results in a very realistic grasland because the gras stands upright.

Holger wiring the open air concert

It is time for the electronics department. Since the beginning of this week, the colleagues are busy under the layout, wiring the houses and effects. Here we see Holger as he wires a part of the open air concert.

St. Max is nearly complete

St. Max is close to completion. The thinker’s brow of Sönke, however, suggests trouble. Or is he just pondering about Daniel’s proposals? We don’t know, but will investigate this matter :).

Maik composes the first train consists for Switzerland.

Since all track is laid in Switzerland, it is now time to set up the first trains in the staging areas. Here we see Maik how he composes the train consists.

Cartons full of rolling stock

This is just one of many cartons which we received from Messrs. Bemo during the last days. This way, we have just enough narrow gauge trains fort he opening ceremony.

Locos for Switzerland

The first locomotives for Switzerland are also prepared. Most of them need a few enhancements like additional wipers and modified couplers.

Lars in a box

The last picture for today is snapshot. We simply call it 'Lars in a box' :)

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