Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

07.09.07 at 15:31 hrs

Weekly Report No 358, CW 36

From Monday, 03.09.2007 to Sunday, 09.09.2007
This week, we start with a couple of pictures documenting the XXL-experiment of Galileo/Pro7 and also will show you the progress in our current building phase: Switzerland.
Our means of transport: Big Bertha

Last week, Galileo/Pro7 broadcasted an XXL-experiment of a special kind: Four teams had to transport an egg over a 150 meters wide gorge and position the intact egg into a nest. For Team Wunderland, it was a question of honor to participate… Our team decided to build a quadrocopter as a means of transport. To build this quadrocopter, our team had – like the other teams – 7 days. No commercial parts were allowed fort he construction. The picture shows this flying rarity! This „flying hen“ was christianed „Big Bertha“ which was absolutely approbiate. :) Our try to take the egg to the nest failed due to crosswinds. „Big Bertha“ went down and split up into several single parts. Unfortunately, the egg also broke and thus we didn’t have a chance to win anymore :(

Team picture with Ulrich Walter

Our team at the „Flying Egg“ contest staged by Galileo/Pro7 (Left to right Jan, Stefan, Sven, and René), together with referee and astronaut Urlich Walter. Freddy and Gerrit also attended but couldn’t take action because each team was allowed only 4 members.

Team Munich

The team from Munich also built a flying device, but with slightly different approach. Their egg should be transported over the gorge by means of a zeppelin. Unfortunately, the met the same fate as our team: the wind played with the zeppelin and drove it into a completely wrong direction without a chance for the team to take any action.

Team Bochum

The team from Bochum came with a scratch-built catapult. The egg was packed into a plastic ball filled with hair-gel and then shot over the gorge. The team managed to throw the egg just short of the nest. However, the ball burst into pieces and so did the egg and the dream to win :(

Team Cologne

The team from Cologne had the same idea as weh ad; they also built a quadrocopter but they used other materials than we did. This quadrocpter also crashed but the egg remained intact and the Cologne – team was declared the winner. They, of all teams, managed to take the egg closest to the nest. :)

Ulrich Walter and Jan with our 'Big Bertha'

Before starting the experiment, Ulrich Walter inspected our „Big Bertha“…

Small talk with Ulrich Walter

… and handed out a couple of tips how the quadrocopter could be controlled.

'Big Bertha' working again

Since two weeks, our „Big Bertha“ is on display in the Wunderland. Jan just couldn’t resist to re-assemble it and make functional again. Who knows, maybe we will get another chance to transport an egg to it’s nest; only this time without wind… :)

Mountains surrounding the fortress

The last week also saw a lot of activity in the building section of the Wunderland. Here we see the mountains around the fortress and the highway in the Ticino area.

Rock cliff at the staircase

The rock-faced wall at the stairway leading to the fourth floor has been finished.

First greenery in Graubuenden

The houses in the Graubuenden area have been removed temporarily to provide working space for the model builders who now start to build the scenery.

Road rollers for the highway construction site

The first animated models for the highway-roadworks scene are ready. These road rollers won’t get tired to compact the fresh asphalt…

Biogas plant for Switzerland

Protecting the environment is an issue in the new Swiss section. A block heat and power plant is being built here to provide current and heating for the inhabitants.

Porta Alpina inside the Matterhorn

The Porta Alpina station was also finished last week. We still need lighting in it but this will be done in a couple of days.

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