Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.09.07 at 14:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 357, CW 35

From Monday, 27.08.2007 to Sunday, 2.09.2007
This week we have a report that shows the small details that are under construction.
Highway construction in the Ticino

What would Switzerland be without it’s highways that snake through the valleys. Here one can see the model builders working on the highway in the Ticino area.

Gaston at his favorite job: building bridges

The Ticino also needs lots of bridges and viaducts for rails and roads. Gaston is just about to finish a viaduct in this area.

Viaduct in the Ticino area

A lot of manual work is nessessary for such a viaduct since it has to fit perfectly into the layout.

Christian building protection walls

All the small details also require a lot of manual crafting. Christian is seen here as he builds small protection walls against falling rocks. These walls will later be implemented into the Engadin area.

Protecting wall

We only hope that we’ll never have to deal with falling rock! :)

Kay assembles safety blocks

Of course we wanted roadworks on the highway in the Ticino. Kay assembles the needed safety blocks for the future traffic jam…

Safety blocks

...since the roadworks section will not be a short one, a lot of roadblocks will have to be assembled. A job for really patient people…

The first houses in Graubuenden

The first buildings appear in the Graubuenden area but there still is a lack of roads and scenery. This is why the buildings are not yet glued to the layout.

VIP area of the Swiss Open Air Concert

More and more details appear at the open air concert in Switzerland. This picture shows the backstage VIP – area fort he artists.

New buildings for Switzerland

Last, but not least, we would like to show a couple of buildings that are currently prepared to be implemented into the layout.

New buildings for Switzerland

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet where these houses will find their final destinations.

New buildings for Switzerland

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