Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.08.07 at 13:32 hrs

Weekly Report No 356, CW 34

From Monday, 20.08.2007 to Sunday, 26.08.2007
This report comes a bit later than usual but to make up for this, with up-to-date pictures from the Swiss part and a very unusual train consist.
Mountains in Graubuenden

People are working all over the new Swiss section. Since the large mountains have been completed, smaller versions like here in the Graubuenden area, are created now.

Daniel and Gerhard test the locations of the houses

Not only mountains are built but also more small villages and towns. Here, Gerhard and Daniel discuss the positions of houses in a small village.

Engadin area mountains

In the Engadin area, the mountains are almost ready. Currently work concentrates on more bridges and sub-roadbed for the trackwork.

The 'Landwasser Viaduct' in the Engadin area

Last week, the 'Landwasser-Viaduct', a Swiss landmark, was integrated in the Engadin-area.

Sönke 'planting' greenery

Sönke is still in his main job. He sprinkles on gras, dirt and foliage to raw scenery. Here one can see him working on the lower parts of the Matterhorn in the Ticino-area.

Emergency exit in the mine drift

The subsurface area of the Matterhorn is built up like a mine drift.

Crowd at the concert

Bobby still glues down figures for the large open air concert in the Swiss part.

The best viewing places at the concert

Naturally, everybody wants the best viewing spot at such a concert. Those, who can afford it, fly in on a magic carpet :)

Overview of the concert

From a bird’s eye view, you can see the sheer mass of figures attending this concert. Each single figure was glued down manually by Bobby. If you look a bit closer, you can see typical scenes happening during such a large event!

The chocolate plant

Last week the chocolate plant was completed. Now only the raw material and packing rows are missing before production can be started.

Soccer-league train

The Hamburg part has a new train. Nothing really fancy since new trains arrive weekly on the layout but this one is a soccer league train. Each car represents a club from the current league. Another special is that this train is re-arranged every week, depending on the club’s current positions in the league table.

Soccer-league train

The HSV must not be left out in this train. Unfortunately they are currently on position 5 but the HSV-team most probably works hard on taking the lead in this train ! :)

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