Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.08.07 at 14:26 hrs

Weekly Report No 355, CW 33

From Monday, 13.08.2007 to Sunday, 19.08.2007
Since the exisiting sections of our layout are always kept in an up-to-date state, we today celebrated the presentation of the new lettering of the soccer-arena in the Hamburg section. With the begin of the soccer season, the Hamburg soccer arena was renamed „HSH Nordbank Arena“. Due to the fact that the prototype is still working on the letters, we had the opportunity – in cooperation with HSH Nordbank – to present the new lettering to the media.
HSV keeper Frank Rost with Freddy and Gerrit Braun in front of the HSH Nordbank Arena

Frank Rost, keeper at the HSV and model railroading fan, did the honors and presented the new lettering.

Large presss crowd during the presention

Entangled by the media, Mr. Dr. Blohm of HSH Nordbank and Frank Rost presented the new arena – lettering.

Fireworks in 1:87 proportion at the HSH-Nordbank arena

No presentation without a special racket: A firework in 1/87 scale delivered the right blast!

Fireworks in and over the arena

In and over the arena the smallest fireworks of all times was fired up.

Fireworks at the arena

'Flame'-effect during the presentation of the new lettering

In order to present the lettering in an approbiate frame, the specialists Wolf Schiebel and Niklas Voigt of cfx-sfx in Cologne, thought out a spectacular flames-effect.

Fireworks at the arena

Fireworks at the arena

The new arena - lettering

After this amazing firework the new lettering, including lighting, showed off to the media.

Freddy is being interviewed

Many interviews had to be given after the presentation which caused the Hamburg section to be closed completely for almost one hour.

Fire extinguisher

Having this utensile was critical during such fire show. As planned, it was not nessessary to use it, because the pros from cfx-sfx Cologne knew exactly what they were doing. So don’t fire up your New Year’s eve rockets from your home layout. Better leave that to the professionals… :)

Gerrit talking to Frank Rost

Frank Rost and Gerrit in a discussion. We don’t know the topic of that discussion but maybe the talked about a change from the HSV to Team Wunderland … or vice versa? :)

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