Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.08.07 at 15:03 hrs

Weekly Report No 354, CW 32

From Monday, 06.08.2007 to Sunday, 12.08.2007
Another hard week passed during which we worked on the Swiss part of the layout. In this report, we’ll show you the progress:
The highest point in the Engadin area

In every corner of the Swiss section the building progress is under way. Even in the narrowest corner of the Engadin, the work nears completion. Almost directly under the ceiling we built a ski-slope which is a remarkable accomplishment, considering that the width between ceiling and layout is less than 50 cm.

A riverbed in the Engadin is created

Other parts of the Engadin were also worked on. Here, a river with typical bridges will be created.

Tunnel portal with snow shed

Where trains and mountains meet, you often find many tunnels. In addition, one has to protect the tunnel portals from avalanches. The snowshed in the picture was erected using massive brass profiles and could withstand an avalanche without any problem. :)

Cog wheel in the Engadin

Of course, a cog-railway is a „must have“ in Switzerland. Here in the Engadin we have a terminus and various stations.

Summit cross on the Matterhorn

On Friday, it was time to set up the summit-cross on the Matterhorn during a small ceremony.

Freddy on the Matterhorn summit

After an ehausting climb, Freddy had the honor to place the summit-cross on top of the Matterhorn.

The raw version of the Landwasser Viaduct

Gaston used the last week to complete further details on the „Landwasser“-Viaduct, like – for example – the stone framing.

Creek in Brichur

We didn’t want to detain this nice view of „Brichur“. An idyllic small river, framed by many trees, snakes through this small town. Just the right place to relax a bit…

A knight is lifted into his saddle

How did knights climb onto their horses? This was also a question at our Medieval Games at the fortress we showed you last week. Here we have an idea: They used a historic crane! :)

Machinery of the chocolate plant

Switzerland is well known for its superb chocolate products and this is why a chocolate plant was an absolute „must-have“ in this part of our layout. What you see here, is a complete production row of such a plant. If, however, real chocolate is turned out from this plant, will be revealed next week.

Hamburg S-Bahn on strike

Thursday, the complete underground and S-Bahn traffic in the Hamburg part came to a complete stop due to a strike. So far, nobody could tell why the associates of the MIWULA traffic authorities went off work. :)

Hamburg U-Bahn on strike

The underground was also on strike. Here too, everybody was confused for the reasons of the strike. We assume, however, that there might have been a link to the prototype…

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