Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.08.07 at 11:13 hrs

Weekly Report No 353, CW 31

From Monday, 30.07.2007 to Sunday, 05.08.2007
A good deal of progress was made in the Swiss section last week. A complete town was integrated and a huge building was taken to its final location; so enjoy this report :-)
The town of Brichur

The town of Brichur was completed last week. Until then, the town center - which was built on a separate module - was missing . Integration into the layout was a snap: Due to perfect dimensions of the module's baseplate, the town center went in in just one hour. If all would go this smooth, we wouldn't need to bother for the opening deadline! :-)

Landscape structures in the Engadin

In the Engadin area every effort is made to complete this section. The colleagues are currently about to create the last scenery structures for a seamless transition to the Matterhorn area.

Fortress and bobsleigh ride in Graubuenden

A small fortress overlooking the dam and water reseervoir was built.The fascinating part of this fortress is the adjoining bobsleigh ride.We were not yet able to find out if this was the last escape in medieval times, too, but maybe we know more in the next report. :-)

Future location of St. Max

Here you see the future location of the small town of St. Max. As already shown in the last report, this town is assembled on small external modules because local work in the layout is too dangerous. At this point, the Matterhorn has a height of 3 meters from summit to valley.

Gaston at his favorite 'passtime'

Today we take look over Gaston's shoulder. He builds another large bridge for the Swiss section. The approbiate prototype is the Landwasser Viaduct. At the prototype, this bridge is a landmark for the Rhaetic Railways (Rhaetische Bahn) and the model will serve as exactly that on the layout.

An Airbus A380 at flight tests

Many of our visitors currently have the chance to watch Gerrit at the future airport section. he is testing his self developed software to control the motors for the runways. Serving as test object is an Airbus 380 that repeatedly "starts" and "lands".

The big fortress in the Ticino

Another highlight found its place on the layout. A large fortress in Ticino-style was delivered this weekend by Messrs. Modellbau Luft.

Fortress ruins in the Ticino

Adjoining the 'new' fortress, the ruins of an 'ancient' fort can be found.

In come the knights...

But what would a historic fortress be without real knights and their entourage?

The medieval games at the large fortress

Even our knights have to train on a regular basis; so a large tournament was organized where the knights prove their skills with the sword or with the lance on horseback

VIP box at the medieval games

The VIP box is strictly reserved for the Lord of the castle and his wife. From here, they can appreciate what Messrs. Modellbau Luft built in more than 900 work hours during the last half year. In any case, we consider this building to belong to the top 10 of the best buildings in the Swiss section.

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