Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.07.07 at 14:33 hrs

Weekly Report No 352, CW 30

From Monday, 23.07.2007 to Sunday, 29.07.2007
For this week's start, we again have a few insights into the Swiss section.
Street in St. Max

The first street of St. Max demonstrates very well the mixture of ancient and new building styles.

The skeleton of St. Max

The model builders establish more little villages and towns. The base plate of St. Max - Community St. Moritz - now features the first hotels and houses.

A strange structure

A strange structure was implemented in the Bietschhorn valley last week. This will be the future base station of the funicular up to the Bietschhorn summit.

Water reservoir at the Bietschhorn

Above the small village, the dam and the water area have been completed. The transition from 3-dimensional models to two-dimensional backdrop paintings, however, is very difficult to achieve and that is the reason why this area is still under construction.

Small village in the Bietschhorn valley

The base of the Bietschhorn also shows more and more progress. The small village is more and more detailed and the river flowing down into the valley is also recognizable.

Viviane working on the color details

After carving out the structures, each mountain has to be treated with paint in order to make the rock formations look prototypical. Here we see Viviane as she uses a lot of manual artistry to give the mountains in the Graubuenden area the last finishing touches.

The mountains in the Engadin

The foothills of the Matterhorn in the Engadin area are also nearly complete. Only the small details are missing in this area.

Bluff at the Matterhorn

Christian puts the finishing touches to the bluff at the Matterhorn. It is not quite complete since the last gap to the small town of Brichur is still open.

Sabrina builds additional houses for Switzerland

We need an adequate stock of buildings for all the small towns and villages. Sabrina is seen here as she builds another hotel for St Max.

Gerhard sorting the Swiss buildings

Gerhard also takes care of the replenishment of buildings. Here, he sorts the buildings and assigns numbers to them so the model builders will know where these buildings have to go on the layout. In addition, Gerhard notes the required modifications and approbiate colors to make the buildings look prototypical.

The campground at the rock concert

The large campground for the rock concert has been built by Bobby during the last week. It will be implemented into the layout some time in the next days.

The engine for the Kid's Corner

Our carpenters currently build a steam locomotive in scale 1:xxs for our Kid's Corner. In future, the kids can play engineer on it. However, we wonder how many "big" kids will want to play, too :-)

Traffic chaos in the Speicherstadt

On Thursday, 07/26/2007, one of the most beautiful ships iof the world - the Queen Mary 2 - paid another visit to Hamburg. She moored at around 6:00 a.m. Due to the many viewers and visitors the complete traffic in the Hamburg Speicherstadt came to a halt. One of the bereaved was Gerrit who needed 30 minutes for about 250 meters in his car from our parking lot to the main street: :-)

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