Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.07.07 at 18:13 hrs

Weekly Report No 351, CW 29

From Monday, 16.07.2007 to Sunday, 22.07.2007
A little later than planned for, but here it is, your new weekly report. Enjoy it! :-)
New buildings on the layout

More and more areas in the Swiss section were detailed during the last days. More buildings were added,...

The rock wall at the reservoir

…the rock cliff at the reservoir was built,…

Oldtimer parade

…and a small oldtimer-parade was set up through the serpentine roads.

Oldtimer parade

Convertibles were a must at this rally. We had, however, to guarantee a sunny day. :-)

Sabrina in a really awkward position

Here one can see how uncomfortable the work of a model builder can be. Sabrina had to make some changes to this building but couldn't take it apart anymore. So she had to find this solution. :-)

Harry and plaster

This is the only way for Harry to get his working material (plaster) into the layout. In order not having to carry the heavy bucket from the 4th floor (where the plaster is mixed) down to the 3rd floor (where Harry puts the finishing touches to the bliuff), the bucket is lowered directly onto the layout's surface.


In our forum the idea of having a working truck-mounted crane was born. We picked up this idea and set this crane up in the Swiss section. It picks up a climate control unit from a truck and lifts it up to a building roof.

Camp ground for open air concert.

Last week Bobby started to build the camp ground for the open air concert in the Ticino area of Switzerland.

Camp ground for open air concert

Of course, some small details like this little chillout zone must not be left out …

Camp ground for open air concert

…an incident at the beer truck,…

Camp ground for open air concert.

…,the vitamin-dealer with his own booth…

Camp ground for open air concert

and the obligatory mess at the DIXI-toilets also has to be modeled..


This is Lars at his workplace: the cutter table for the Miwula TV-reports. Last week, he put together another small story about the Wunderland dealing with...Ah well, just see it for yourself! :-) It is very difficult to describe such a film with words. You can find the clip in the menu-area called Miwula TV. Enjoy and have a nice week until the next report!

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