Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.07.07 at 12:48 hrs

Weekly Report No 350, CW 28

From Monday, 09.07.2007 to Sunday, 15.07.2007
The 350. weekly report is here. Normaly, the champagne corks would pop off the bottles now but we decided to shoot some pictures of the new building section instead.
The Matterhorn

The finishing touches are put to the rock bluff of the Matterhorn bevor the scaffolding is removed and the last part at the foothills will be tackled.

Maintenance door

Daniel and Christian are seen here as they mount a maintenance door to the bluff. This door is entirely made from resin which is reinforced with glas mats. One has to work very accurate so the door won't be visible for our guests.

Water reservoir

Slowly, a small water reservoir merges from the wooden skeleton. At this time the fascia of the dam and some paint are missing but one can already recognize the theme of this scene.

Water reservoir

The sunken village is also nearly complete. Close attention was paid to the many 'sunken' details. The car wrecks have certainly been disposed of at some later time (and not really in a professional manner) :-)


Last week we had a first mock.up of buildings in the Graubuenden area. In the meantime, man buildings are not at their future places anymore but you can already admire the typical building style with the granite roofs.


Wolfgang is seen here as he sits high up on the Bietschhorn mountain and builds the overhead catenary. Some places are really difficult to reach, but a real 'mountain goat' has no problems with those positions! :-)


The lower regions also feature the first masts for catenary.


A closer look at the catenary masts.


Close-up masts with wired catenary.

St. Max

Last week, we just saw a bare baseplate here. Now the first buildings for this small town at the foothills of the Matterhorn arrived.

Tunnel portal

Another very neat tunnel portal has been erected in the Ticino part. Optically, it will later very nicely adapt to the fortress which will be built above this portal

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