Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.07.07 at 14:43 hrs

Weekly ReportNo. 349, CW27

From Monday, 02.07.2007 to Sunday, 08.07.2007
Just in time for the new week's beginning we have a fresh report from the new Swiss section with many pictures of the embedded details. Have fun!
The bluff at the Matterhorn

Last week we made some progress at the bluff of the Matterhorn

The bluff at the Matterhorn

A small piece is still missing but the dimensions of the bluff are already well recognizable

Baseplate for the small town

Daniel and Christian prepare another baseplate for a small town. This town will later be implemented behind the summit of the Matterhorn in the Enagdin area.

The highway construction site

A new tower crane is in place at the second bridge pier.

Bridge construction site

At the foot of the bridge pier the first areas are filled with the needed machines and containers to live in.

Unloading a transporter

Modeling a construction also means not to leave out the typical details like this scene: some workers unload cases from a van. Asked what was in the cases, we received the answer:'Basic nutrition!!!' :-)

Container baracks

What would a really large construction site be without container baracks providing offices and restrooms for the workers...

Sand and gravel storage

Even the storages for the needed building materials are modeled. The sceptic view of the worker certainly means: This can't be enough stuff for such a large bridge, can it? :-)


Sönke is seen here as he sets up another construction area.


Every construction area has to be secured; mostly with fences. This is why Sönke has to use a lot of patience and sensivity to glue doen the fences. Sometimes, this can get on your nerves because the fences refuse to cooperate with the express-glue...

Skeleton of the sleigh ride

The skeleton for the sleigh ride is nearly ready. The mechanics currently work out a means to securly transport the tiny sleighs back up the hill.

Passenger overpass

Detailling in the Swiis section rises to the top of the priority list and this is why more and more 'small' things like this temporary passenger overpass have to be built.

Torches in 1:87 scale

The electronic department also has to switch to 'small' stuff like these tiny torches. The flames of the torches are simulated by two SMD - LEDs which later are controlled by the light-computer.

More details for Switzerland

many small deteails for the Swiss section are stored here. The sales-booths in the foreground are destined for the open air concert in the Ticino area.

Big mechanics under the ceiling

In our report no 347 we already showed this skid. The small airplane in this photo demonstrates a bit what we want to use this rack for. Small gliders will go round in circles. Unfortunately there is no real progress here since the colleague is in his well earned summer vacation. :-)

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