Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.07.07 at 15:33 hrs

Weekly Report No. 348, CW26

From Monday, 25.06.2007 to Sunday, 01.07.2007
Right in time for a new week we have the report ready and hope to give some insights into our work.
The Matterhorn bluff under construction

The scaffolding at the Matterhorn was lowered last week.

The Matterhorn foothills

Now the model builders are busy to extend the bluff down to the Matterhorn foothills.

Buildings of the sunken town

The lake at the dam site in Graubuenden gets a special 'ground cover': Last week we built a couple of houses which represent a sunken village.

The Sunniberg-bridge shortly bevor implementation

Last week Gaston put the finishing touches to the Sunniberg bridge. Unfortunately the bridge can not be implemented into the layout yet because the last plaster patches have to be added to the Matterhorn.

The children's playground

The equipment for the large children's playground in the Swiss section is now ready and waits to be set up.

The moonwalk

A large moonwalk is an absolute 'must have' on such a large playground. We only hope that all the little Preisers take off their shoes so the moonwalk won't deflate :-)

The climbing wall

Although certainly an unusual toy for a german view of point, this climbing wall will help the kids to learn early how to climb the Swiss mountains...

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