Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.06.07 at 05:37 hrs

Weekly Report No 347, CW25

From Monday, 18.06.2007 to Sunday, 24.06.2007
As already announced, this longed for report is finally here. Hopefully, everybody now knows the reason for the delay and forgives us. :-)
A view through the Bietschhorn valley

The view into the Bietschhorn valley lets you forbode how it will look, once the scaffolding is disappeared.

View from Bietschhorn summit into the valley

The view from the Bietschhorn summit into the valley is also quite interesting. The greenery in this area is completed. The areas underneath the large viaduct are still missing, though. They will be built in after the spacve is no more needed as walk-through space.

The wall painting makes big progress

The former white walls now transition seamlessly into the real world. By using this really elaborate composition one has the feeling as if the Swiss section would continue beyond the walls of the building.

The bluff at the Matterhorn is created

The bluff at the Matterhorn is created in a really short time. Last week, the team worked heavily to finish the upper part of the bluff.

Details of rock structures

Even in spite of the high building speed, details abound everywhere.

Space for a small town

The model builders currently create a well know holiday resort in this area. This small town will connect the Engadin and the Graubuenden areas.

Another bridge in the Engadin is created

In the Engadin, more subroadbed is built in. For this, we need mor bridges as is clearly seen here. Right now, one can only see the sekeleton of the viaduct but very soon this will be a handsome bridge.

Small details in Brichur

The greenery in the Brichur area is almost completed. The modules are seamlessly integrated into the layout.

A special view up to the viaduct

One really gets the feeling of standing underneath of a large bridge!

One of the last bridges found its place

Last week the bridge above the large viaduct was also fitted into its place. The track gang, in form of Wolfgang, of course went straight ahead and connected the pieces to the existing network.

A curious structure

The workshop of the electronics and mechanic currently feature a strange strange structure hanging under the ceiling. We'll show you in the next report what it will be used for.

Closed due to maintenance

Since yesterday evening, June 27 2007, 6pm, you saw this message when you tried to log on to our forum or the online shop. Simple background: we have a completely new website.

Stephan working on the new website

Under Stephan's leadership, our website was completely remodeled within 6 months. A team of 10 persons helped him to make all whishes and ideas come true and to migrate the old site into the new one.

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