Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.06.07 at 10:30 hrs

Weekly Report No 346, CW 24

From Monday, 11.06.2007 to Sunday, 17.06.2007
Right in time for the week's beginning we can report some progress in the new section and a novelty in an exisiting section
Harry coloring the Matterhorn

It is already time to work on the details at the Matterhorn site. Harry can be seen here as he brushes on the first coat of paint. It serves as a highlighter for the rock's structure.

Marina works on the Engadin mountains

Marina also works on the last fine details using paint on the Engadin mountains.

Engadin - Matterhorn connection

The connecting track between the Enagdin and the Matterhorn has bee laid out temporarily. All trains en route to the Matterhorn summit have to use this line.

The Brichur post office

Slowly some life comes to the small town of Brichur. More buildings like this large post office are built in.

Brichur station

Brichur station with its platforms has been built in and awaits the electricians to be wired. After all, our passengers also travel at night and want to see where they're going to...

Brichur tower

The greenery in the Brichur area makes good progress. For a couple of weeks now, Sönke does nothing else than "seeding" gras and "planting" bushes and trees.

The skeleton of a mountain creek

This is a picture from one of our older reports. It serves as a comparison to the current result. In report 301 we showed you this picture.

A mountain creek in Brichur

In the meantime, the riverbed is ready and mutated into a small, fast flowing mountain creek.

Angler in the mountain creek

An angler, however, can't resist to go fishing even in the wildest waters.

Work in the Ticino area

Sabrina and Kay are currently busy building scenery baseplates in the Ticino area of the Swiss section. Later, the eBay lots will be located here, as well as a large free space for some spectacular action but more about this in the next weeks.

Shopping center in Hamburg

The Hamburg section has a new shopping center. This 10-storey building offers all you can dream of.


You will find a dentist,…

Pet shop

...a pet shop,…

Oriental carpet dealer

...even an oriental carpet dealer with real magic carpets.

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