Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.06.07 at 11:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 345, CW 23

From Monday, 04.06.2007 to Sunday, 10.06.2007
A bit late but to make up for the dealy, we have many new interesting pictures from the new building section. In addition, we brought pictures from a new scenario and will introduce two CarSystem vehicles.
The Matterhorn summit is visible

The scaffolding around the Matterhorn has been dismantled last week and now the visitors have an unobstructed view to the Matterhorn summit.

The Matterhorn summit is visible

Now it is time to extend the mountain into the valley.

The cliff is under construction

The steep bluff is already under construction so the connection to the Enagdin can be made soon.

The mountains in the Engadin

Everybody is busy to work on the Engadin mountains and the last wires for the train control are also connected.

Cave in the mountain

Marina had a special idea for these mountains and built in two small caves. However, she doesn't know yet who is going to move in... Maybe on of our readers has a funny idea?

Viaduct in the Engadin

Another skeleton moved in into the Engadin. Admittedly, a small viaduct, it is temporarily set in for the first scenery adaptions and connections.

Greenery in the town of Brichur

The small town of Brichur gets its first green patches. It looks, however, as if Sönke meant it a bit too good with the gras because there is a lot of material on the tracks. To his defense we have to state that the vacuum used to clean up the overflow material was broken.

The Sunniberg-Bridge is created

Here we see Gaston as he builds the right-of-way for the Sunniberg-Bridge. This bridge will have an overlall length of roughly 3.5 meters and will span the stairs to the 3rd floor.

The entry into the Matterhorn

The entry to the 'inner Matterhorn' is set up so the model builders now know how far they have to built the foothills of the Matterhorn. Later, when you walk through this passage, it should give the feeling as if being in a mine drift. Of course, there will be many things to see in there. What this will be, will be shown in one of our next reports.

Truck accident in Denmark

Accident in Denmark. Appearently due to carelessness, a fully loaded fish truck was driven off the street and had to be towed out of a ditch. According to first investigations, the driver lost his cigarette which fell down and ignited the floor mat. While the driver tried to put the fire out, his truck, loaded with approx. 6 tons of fresh fish, went out of control and skidded into the shoulder. The driver was only lightly hurt.

Truck accident in Denmark

During the crash part of the truck load fell through the damaged rear doors and had to be packed onto new palettes. The recovery of the truck and cleaning the roadway took almost two hours. Due to the small fire in the driver's cabin, a fire engine was held on stand-by for security reasons.

Truck accident in Denmark

The cooperation between the private rescuer Falck and the local firefighters was exceptionally good so the the road could be turned over to the traffic around noon.

New truck in Knuffingen

There is a new addition to the CarSystem. This time, the Knuffingen area received a new truck and trailer labelled for Messrs. GLS and Hellmann.

New truck in Knuffingen

The trailer of the Hellmann truck is a so-called Giga-Liner and thus is a new highlight in the streets of Knuffingen. Just like the prototype, this Giga-Liner will almost certainly have some difficulties to snake through the sometimes narrow streets of Knuffingen.

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