Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

04.06.07 at 19:04 hrs

Weekly Report No 344, CW 22

From Monday, 28.05.2007 to Sunday, 03.06.2007
New this week: lots of improvements at our various construction sites in the new Alpine section, and the reappearance of three well-known chaps. :-)
The Matterhorn under construction

The Matterhorn top is finally finished, including the maintenance hatch. Now our modellers continue their work downwards into the valley.

The Engadin under construction

Meanwhile, the Engadin mountains rise. While Christian is preparing the last lines, Martina already starts painting the rocks.

A view into the valley

Underneath this bridge a small creek coming from the big viaduct will find its way down the valley

A view into the valley

Below the big viaduct, more and more details are added and the areas become covered in vegetation.

A view into the valley

A different view into the Wallis valley.

Construction of the Sunniberg-Bridge

Gaston once again builds a large bridge and, as it suits him, it will be completely out of wood. Having measured the construction plans precisely, he now starts with the first pillars and the driving surface. This structure is modelled after the Sunniberg bridge in Klosters.

Construction of the Sunniberg-Bridge

Construction of the Sunniberg-Bridge

Here we see one of the pillars which is glued together from various parts and held together using C-clamps.

A small tilted town

many of our readers will now ask why we tilt a small town...

A small tilted town

Small city with a new angle. To ease the technicians' work, the city of Brichur has been inclined. Now, they can reach the wires much better.

The wall paintings in Switzerland

The Wallis wall painting has been finished. Other white walls are now vitalized in the same manner.

Entry portal to the inner of the Matterhorn

Construction of our visitor’s way through the inners of the Matterhorn has also begun. Old logs will create the illusion of a mine through which one walks.

Playground with animated toys in Switzerland

The playground we showed you last week continues to be enhanced. Two highlights are a climbing wall and a moonwalk. Of course, both will be populated by moving small inhabitants.

The bridge - pissers come back

After long time, two old friends, well-known from TV, have come back from Scandinavia into the US.

The bridge - pissers come back

After long time, two old friends, well-known from TV, have come back from Scandinavia into the US. Our two bridge pissers, aka Gerrit and Freddy, are finally back on their bridge and, thanks to Gaston, have a slash.

The bridge - pissers are gone

But what's up? Only some days later, complaints reached the control center - they were missing again. Perhaps they had a drink so that they could continue their job on the bridge?

One bridge-pisser found alive

After searching through the different bars near by Grand Canyon, we finally found Gerrit just down in the canyon. Being asked why he wasn't on the bridge any more, he admitted that he is not really free from giddiness and therefore climbed down into the canyon to continue relieving himself. Freddy, after all, was not keen on standing there alone and preferred vanishing completely. We hope Gaston will not be too angry about the two and put them as soon as possible back at their usual place. However, it would be really helpful if someone could give Gaston some hints on Freddy's hiding place. Then, he would not need to clone him.

The floating dock in Scandinavia

Another old, well-known detail can be found in Scandinavia. The floating dock floats again at its old place. Unfortunately, we still had no time to make it operational, as our development department is currently working heavily on the automatic ship control. We hope that we'll manage to make it sink and rise up realistically by later this year – barring any unforeseen problems.

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