Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.05.07 at 13:59 hrs

Weekly Report No 343, CW 21

From Monday, 21.05.2007 to Sunday, 27.05.2007
Pentecost holidays are over and a new weekly report is arriving. This time we offer a new look into the car system workshop.
The Matterhorn in the Swiss section

The Matterhorn top is finished. Of course, colorization is not yet completely done. On the side not shown on the picture, we included another service hatch to allow the technicians access to the tracks within the mountain.

The Matterhorn under construction

Plaster works continue in the Engadin. During the next days and weeks, these hills will eventually meet the Matterhorn and form a large mountain area.

Murals in the Swiss section

Last week, we showed you our wall paintings. Since then, work has continued but is still not finished, as some details and the sky are still missing. It is very important to always match the correct view. Therefore, we always start with some thin pencil lines and check the perspective thoroughly. Only after that step, we start painting with the real colours. And even then, we have to take care of the shades and the correct representation of the light. These and lots of other details, which could be explained much better by an artistic painter than by a lighting technician, can we finally form a realistic painting.

The scaffolding in the Swiss section

Working platforms do still hinder the view into Bietschhorn valley, but you can already get a quite good impression of the final presentation to the visitors. In this part, vegetating is almost finished and the modellers hurry up to add houses and all the other small details. The technicians were waiting to get their hands on them to add light and special effects.

Station with direct access?

A small oddity: It seems as if one of our modellers took the advice "This building gets a side track" a bit too serious and just placed it directly on the tracks. Of course, this is only been an intermittent position but we did not want to keep this photo back.:-)

A playground for Switzerland

The children’s playground we introduced last week is now finished and awaits its final placement.

A fully animated playground for Switzerland.

All devices are animated and do therefore form another highlight in this section. Ok, the sandbox is actually NOT animated...

An animated caroussell

The TransRapid at his station

On our discussion board, we often read the question: When will the Transrapid operate?

The TransRapid right-of-way in the Hamburg section

A huge problem so far was the wood line which has been warping again and again. Finally, everything, including the maglev itself, has been redesigned. Currently, the technicians make the electronic compatible to our train control so that the Transrapid can be operated automatically. However, this will need some more days. We'll keep you informed on this during the next weekly reports. Sometimes, miracles happen... ;-)

Action area for the 'Day of Missing Children 2007' event

25th of May 2007 was the Day Of The Missing Children. We participated in this with a small action area any many events. We hosted the missing children parents' initiative so that they could present their important work to press and public.

The modeled 'Day of Missing Children 2007'

The initiative's goal is not only the search for missing children, but also support for affected parents and prevention work.

4 new CarSystem trucks for the American section

A short view into the Car System workshop:

2 new fire engines

We see four almost finished new vehicles for the America section.

2 new vehicles for the American CarSystem

They only await some finishing touches and the new software.

Another 'newbie' for the American CarSystem

Further cars are in the work, as one can vaguely see on picture 16. Currently, we plan more than 40 new vehicles for all of the existing sections. 10 of them are already under construction. Just look out for the new entries in our Car System database!

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