Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.05.07 at 18:04 hrs

Weekly Report No 342, CW 20

From Monday, 14.05.2007 to Sunday, 20.05.2007
A great sunny weekend is over and it’s time for a new weekly report.
The almost completed Matterhorn summit

Work on the top and general outline of the Matterhorn continued last week.

The Matterhorn

In a short while the highest parts will be finished.

The huge viaduct

Trimming the bridge part from the last report has been successful:

A bridge in the Swiss section

The bridge is finished and the tracks are fixed.

Bridge abutment

as one can see, the bridge fits snugly and so the tracks are also level.

Murals in the Swiss section

The white walls are now adapted to the landscape. Different painting techniques are used to continue the layout "into" the walls. As you can see, we always try to integrate already existing lines and forms as much as possible..

Dam in Graubünden

Initial modelling has commenced in the Graubünden area. A small storage lake is planned for the right side. It’s dam is almost finished.

The rocker on the playground

The technical department is working on the smallest details for the new section. This is a playground where the children of our tiny inhabitants can play to their heart’s content.

A swing for the animated playground in the Swiss section

Of course, more playing devices will be added. Perhaps we should mention that all of the devices will be animated, so that it's even more fun for their users..

The controlling computers

A digital model railroad is nothing without computers. Lars is just finishing the wiring of one our three railway control computers.

Control interface

Each of the computers gets two digital interfaces installed. One of them is for locomotive speed control, the other one for turnouts and signals. The speed control interface will be connected to the so-called boosters. They pass the digital data together with the needed energy to the tracks and locomotives. The boosters are specially tailored for our needs and produced by Massoth. Every booster has four outlets, each of them carrying a maximum current of 3 Ampere. One Littfinski HSI-88 interface per computer is used for the feedback signals. Each interface is connected to the maximum number of modules so that each computer has to handle up to 496 feedback contacts and occupancy detectors.

Booster wiring

The booster wiring transports the current and data to the tracks and trains

Tents also need light

The technical department is currently working on a large event area with more than 150 tents. Each one is equipped with small LEDs. They will be placed next to our big open-air stage and simulate the typical campground on music festivals.

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